duck hunting in South Africa, couldn’t have asked for more

I have booked hunts with Ramsey Russell’s twice and have another hunt booked for February. The trips are well planned, from guides utilized to the lodging and meals. My latest was duck hunting in South Africa and I couldn’t have asked for more, we hunted 3 provinces to collect the most species possible and even had time to hunt plains game for a day.  I ended up collecting all but 2 waterfowl species, but got a bonus Nyala on the trip so I couldn’t be happier. The guides are on top of the paperwork needed to import birds into the USA, so that takes a lot of stress away.  Anita provides a precheck list which is also helpful and the trip itinerary are well thought out.  I cant wait for the next hunt with Ramsey.

 Mike Pestka

Referenced hunt: Duck Hunting in South Africa

duck hunt in south africa
Fun afternoon shoot after many days duck hunting South Africa for cherry-picked species.
duck hunt south africa
While duck hunting in South Africa, white-faced whistling ducks eluded Mike until the very last morning.