Epitomizes the best of Argentina bird hunting and culture

This past week three buddies and me just returned from another Ramsey Russell recommended hunting location. It was our second time in Argentina bird hunting with GetDucks.com. Last year it was Rio Salado for ducks and this time in La Paz for ducks, doves, pigeons, perdiz and golden dorado.

La Paz is located about 5-6 hours from Buenos Aires on the beautiful Parana River. The accommodations are typical Argentine cabana style with all the comforts a hunter requires. Martha Ciaffoni is your wonderful hostess and translator during your entire stay and takes care of all your needs both at the lodge or in the field. Diego and Santiago are your camp hosts/drivers and see to every detail of your hunt. The cuisine at La Paz prepared by chef Karen may be the best we have ever had at any hunting location in the world. Excellent hand-made dishes along with Argentina meats and fish were prepared over open fires for both lunch and dinner.

However, as waterfowl hunters we return to Argentina for the scenic beauty, the wild habitats, the multiple species, and the generous limits the region offers. Your expectations as you head out each morning are often surpassed by the days results. When your hunt ends and limits fulfilled you always come away amazed at the number of birds you witnessed that day. You return to your cabana exhausted and fulfilled ready for a hot shower. It’s then followed by a fine meal and local Malbec, a fine cigar, and buddy time. Then off for a good nights sleep only to do it again the next day. La Paz may not be your 5-star Orvis outfitter, but it does epitomize the best of what Argentina bird hunting and culture are all about.

Bob Hansen

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