Excellent hunting and the birds cooperated. The eiders and scoters were absolutely beautiful, cant wait to get them over to taxidermist. Anita’s sight-seeing recommendations worked great! Recommend this trip to others.

“We had a wonderful time Massachusetts Sea Duck Hunting.  We had excellent hunting weather and the birds cooperated pretty good.  We didn’t have too many chances on the Oldsquaws, but managed 2.  The Eiders and Scoters we got though were absolutely beautiful and we cant wait to get them over to taxidermist Pat Pitt.  Anita’s sight-seeing recommendations worked great.  The Supertour is the best thing going if your in for a short trip like us.  We were able to see the entire city in a day with a guided tour and the rate is very reasonable.  We also took a day trip to Rockport.  It is a cool little fishing village and a town with great scenery and friendly folks.  I attached a couple of pics from the hunts. It was a great trip. More than a hunting trip, there were new sights and food. Recommend this trip to others and have already done so. Thanks again.”

Bryan Clark

Referenced Hunt: New England Sea Ducks & Eider Hunting