Fantastic La Paz Argentina duck hunting combo

What a fantastic week at the La Paz Argentina duck hunting combo! From the first morning duck hunting horseback adventure till the last afternoon hunting perdiz,  I had a fabulous time. Beto helped me get all the game I could poorly shoot and even put up with me taking pictures of each and every different duck species. Oh the lovely birds! It was hard to focus on shooting when there are so many birds to see all around us. The food of course was fantastic, and there is not enough room in the book to describe the people. Karen, Osvaldo, and Flavia know how to keep us happy and very well fed! Beto was perfect with the horses, and oh what fantastic horses we had all week. I wish I could take a pair of them home. We will definitely come back- we have been many places in Argentina and Uruguay, but this place is the very best. Thanks to Martha Martha Martha! And Hector, Santiago, Diego, Payo, Julian, Atilio, Flavia, and all other staff who made the week exceptionally magical for Jim and me!

Allison Crews

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La Paz Argentina duck hunting combo