Our La Paz Argentina Duck Hunting combo was an amazing time. You and your staff did An AMAZING JOB

Our La Paz Argentina Duck Hunting combo was an amazing time. You and your staff did An AMAZING JOB adjusting to our constantly changing arrival in Buenos Aires due to 2 canceled flights!!! And extending our departure date!! 

From the time my party arrived until the time we were dropped off at the airport we  THE SOUTH JERSEY BOYS were treated with the greatest respect. Your entire staff MARTHA, OSVELDO, DEIAGO, SANTIAGO, PASHA did a great job considering the changing conditions due to the major flooding that had occurred there.

I was not expecting the quality of service or accommodations that the La Paz lodge provided, especially the the food that KARIN AND OSVELDO provided !!!! Every meal we had I considered to be 5 star rated. They went out of their way to provide our every desired meal and tastes. 

Plus spending time with them all as we relaxed after our evening meals included ALOT of laughter and great stories made even better with the lack of completely understanding one another due to the language differences, but Martha and Dieago did outstanding jobs translating, sometimes causing even greater bouts of laughter!  The meals in the field were cooked to perfection and you were right, I don’t think I will be eating any beef here in the USA for a while ! 

The duck hunting was difficult due to high water conditions but the boys did their best to put us on birds, and we shot plenty. While the dove, pigeon and perdiz hunts were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SHOOTING. I think we surprised everyone with the volume of our shooting. Our group of 4 hunters shot 496 boxes of shells over 5 days, for a total of around 6000 birds!!!!  I truly loved the pigeon hunts, and the parakeets are a hoot to shoot.

You were right MARTHA is a wonderful and amazing hunt hostess and she knows how to put on a first class trip!! I pray the you never loose her as she is a valuable and rare person to have as an employee. And she can bust balls with the best of us men.

As you know I came onboard this trip at the last moment, I just wanted to say thank you for trip of my life with some now very good friends. 

I look forward with working with GetDucks.com in the future. 

THANK YOU again.

Chip Goss

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la paz argentina duck hunting combo