Las Flores Argentina duck hunting trip was exactly as advertised…well beyond what I dreamed

This Las Flores Argentina duck hunting trip was exactly as advertised with zero surprises at all. The duck hunting was well beyond what I expected/hoped/dreamed. The lodging was extremely comfortable and the food was awesome! I enjoyed time in the marsh with my father on a completely different continent. The variety of ducks was great and getting to see all of the different species. handled everything. I’m not a huge traveler and they made going to an entirely different continent absolutely trouble free. They didn’t over exaggerate in the descriptions of the hunt either. The hunt, and entire trip for that matter, was exactly as described by Ramsey and Anita. They are friendly, and Ramsey is a hunter himself so he knows what US hunters are looking for in a real duck hunt. It felt like a privilege to have Ramsey in camp with us, great guy with a lot of great stories to share.

Chase Hull

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