Mazatlan duck hunting trip in Mexico was everything I always dreamed it would be. When you take turns shooting only drakes, you know it’s as good as it gets.

chad%20h%20mazatlan_225x281“Our Mazatlan duck hunting trip to Mexico was a wonderful, but much needed vacation for my wife and I. The scenery, food, hospitality, and sunshine was perfect. The duck hunting exceeded our expectations. When you take turns shooting drakes only, you know it’s as good as it gets. Introducing the other couples via email before the trip was the perfect touch. Ramsey and Anita were always available prior, during, and after the trip to answer any questions. Everything fell into place exactly like it was supposed to. We had a great time socializing, shooting ducks, sharing great memories, and making new friends. We appreciate ya’ll making it happen and definitely look forward to our next hunt.”

Chad Hebert

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt