Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunt trip of our dreams


Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunting

My husband, JD Staten, has always been an avid sportsman. When I say avid, I mean to the point of planning our wedding around hunting seasons. In his words, “February is the perfect wedding month, because it’s falls between duck season and turkey season.” So I should’ve known there was going to be a catch to his idea of honeymoon duck hunting in Mazatlan, Mexico! After seeing pictures of the resort, the city, and the beach, I was all in. Plus, since we started dating, he had gotten me pretty familiar with a 20-gauge shotgun, so I wasn’t against a little wingshooting in Mexico.

From the time that we arrived at the resort, everything exceeded our expectations. The resort staff was friendly and welcoming, and our room had incredible views with a balcony overlooking the water! Our first morning there, we were greeted by the guides in the lobby and headed out for our first duck hunt in Mexico. There were more ducks than I have ever seen and the guides went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. They provided me with my own 20-gauge so the recoil was not as bad, made sure I had plenty of bug spray, and a good dry seat for our hunts every morning. After each hunt, we were treated to flame-cooked burritos and an ice-cold Pacifico beer and were off to the beach!

We spent the rest of our afternoons enjoying each other and mango margaritas! Our nights consisted of fine dining at the resort or the beautiful Plaza Machado in historic Mazatlan. One of the most unique things we did was take a city tour in an Auriga, which provided us with beautiful views of the city, ocean, and lighthouse at sunset while listening to romantic music. To wrap things up, this Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunt was the trip of our dreams and we can’t wait to return to do it all again! From one lady to the next, if you and your husband are thinking about taking this trip, book it. You won’t regret it! Thanks Anita and Ramsey for taking such good care of us and providing us with a trip we will never forget!

Madison and JD Staten

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Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunting