one of the best booking agents I have ever used

Over the years I have hunted ducks all over the US, Canada and Argentina. I have also been on several big games hunts in the US, Canada, Africa and Argentina. I have had some great outfitters, a few average outfitters and even a few poor outfitters over the years.  I have had enough experiences to tell when an agent knows his business and really cares about his clients. This leads me to our sea duck hunt in Massachusetts we went on in January of 2014.  Ramsey Russell and is one of the best booking agents I have ever used. They knew everything about the hunts they offered, where to send us for our needs and what to expect.  This was a hunt with my partner and our sons and it could not have been a better experience. One issue we encountered was with obtaining youth hunting licenses and Ramsey called me back on a Sunday and not only told us what to do, but had tracked down the store and driving directions for us. Problem solved!

The actual outfitter in Boston was everything Ramsey had said and only had good things to say about  I agree! I recommend the expertise and knowledge of Russell Ramsey and to anyone. He has done the leg work. Listen to his advice and enjoy. Thanks Ramsey.

Tim Rost

Referenced Hunt: New England Sea Duck Hunt in Massachusetts