South Africa duck hunting…easily described as a “trip of a lifetime” but I don’t think that it was our only visit!

A couple of years ago, my wife took me on a waterfowling trip to Alaska for my 50th birthday, so I was under considerable pressure when hers came around.  South Africa duck hunting could not have been a better choice.  We spent an enchanted week with gracious hosts at their beautiful lodge.  South Africa is a beautiful and interesting country with an abundance of wildlife and a spellbinding history.  And the wingshooting?  I must say that I have never seen a greater variety of opportunities anywhere.   A typical day might involve an early hunt for Egyptian and spurwing geese, a mid-morning hunt for driven guineafowl and francolin, a break for lunch and an afternoon shoot for hot-gun doves or pigeons.  I can easily describe this experience as a “trip of a lifetime” but I don’t think that it was our first and only visit!

Jim Crews

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