South Africa wingshooting…Truly life changing

Gratitude. That’s the word that comes to mind while thinking back on my South Africa wingshooting experience with GetDucks. It taught me the importance of hunting and the critical role that hunting plays in conserving South Africa wildlife. Made me appreciate the harvest of game even more when I learned that nothing goes unused, and how our duck hunting experience impacts communities. The lodging, the food, the guides/PHs, the people and the culture were exceptional. Ramsey has done an amazing job of inserting variety into this South Africa bird hunting trip and no 2 days are the same. I’m a better, more educated hunter as I return home. Truly life changing. I can’t wait to come back again! 

Austin Collins 

Referenced hunt: South Africa Wingshooting

South Africa wingshooting trip
Beautiful pygmy goose taken by Austin Collins in South Africa.
south africa wingshooting
South Africa bird hunting tour is as much about collection experiences and learning as anything.
south africa wingshooting banded hottentot teal
Once-in-a-lifetime banded hottentot teal while wingshooting South Africa!
South Africa hunt
Beautiful South Africa nyala was Austin’s first game animal.