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Thank you for a wonderful Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting trip. The bird boys, hotel and shooting were all world class down there.

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting trip.  The bird boys, hotel and shooting were all world class down there.  The teal were in thick and I was able to bag several of my coveted cinnamon teal, as well as black bellies, blue wings, green wings, gadwall, and pintail (tons of shovelers too, but I passed).  The very last duck of the trip was this duck (pic attached).  I think it’s either a gadwall/shoveler hybrid or pintail/shoveler hybrid [note: this is definitely a beautiful shoveler x gadwall hybrid. RR].  It was a pretty amazing way to end an incredible trip.  Thanks again and I look forward to hunting again with you soon!


Patrick Morse

mexico duck hunting mazatlan

Great Argentina duck hunting! I will be back again this year.

Great hunt! Going in on horseback to duck hunt La Paz marsh areas was a hoot. Martha, the full-trip hostess at La Paz, is the GREATEST!! One memorable duck hunt at Las Flores was over in 50 minutes – Pat and I killed 107!!!! I will be back again this year if schedule will allow. I will tell everyone about and my great hunting.

Greg Grinder

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Argentina duck hunting best experience of my life

La Paz was the best hunting experience of my life.  All of the people were fantastic. The food was outstanding.  Thank you to everyone for a fantastic Argentina duck hunting trip.

Dan McDonald

Referenced hunt: La Paz Argentina Duck-Dove Hunting Combo Hunt


Argentina duck hunting combo – Loved the fishing, too…

Had a great experience at La Paz hunting ducks, doves and fishing.  The food and attention were excellent.  Loved the fishing!

Rene Dominguez, El Salvador

Referenced hunt: La Paz Argentina Duck-Dove-Fishing Combo


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Argentina duck hunting combo one of the best times in my life…

La Paz Argentina duck-dove hunting combo was one of the best times of my life.  Great hunting, great people, great food.  We hope to come back next year.

Jonathan Rogers

Referenced hunt: La Paz Argentina duck-dove hunting combo


Could not have expected a better experience for Argentina dove hunting

First time hunting in Argentina, could not have expected a better experience for hunting birds…here or anywhere else!! Martha was a gracious and humorous support to our team.  Diego, Santi, and crew could not have been more helpful.  The field lunches were terrific.  My bird guide and I laughed constantly during the hunt through hits and misses.  Congratulations to all!! And let’s not forget the food at the lodge and amazing chocolate. Thanks you.

Murray Gerber

Referenced hunt: La Paz Argenina Duck-Dove Combo


Argentina wingshooting fantastic experience

First time on international hunting trip, a fantastic experience.  It was amazing to be able to immerse myself in the culture of a different country – from the different language to the food and everything in between.  Everyone was extremely helpful and made the week very memorable. Thank you!

Chuck McGervey

Referenced hunt: La Paz Argentina Wingshooting Combo


New Zealand duck hunting exceeding all our expectations

Dear Mr. Russell,

I just wanted to take a minute and send a quick note regarding my recent trip to New Zealand for duck hunting.  When I originally contacted you regarding the hunt, I had planned to travel a couple weeks later than what the trip dates finally became.  With your feedback, we decided to move the trip up, so we could be in New Zealand for opening day of the duck season.  So glad we took this advice.  Opening day was a tremendous success and the following days were action-packed.  Our hosts knew we had come to their country looking for five species and they all worked hard to get us our birds.

Ramsey, I give the New Zealand duck hunting trip my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.  The hosts are knowledgeable, professional, and eager to please their guests.  On opening day, our hosts gave us preferential treatment when it came to assigning hunting blinds (mai-mais).  While I felt this was unnecessary, I certainly appreciated the gesture when the birds were flying.

I hope to take my sons to NZ in future, so they can enjoy gunning exotic waterfowl in Kiwi country.

Thank you for your assistance in booking this hunt and exceeding all our expectations in NZ.

Howard from WA, President of Cupped Up Outdoors, makers of The Muskrat Hut Duck & Goose Blind

Referenced hunt: New Zealand Duck Hunting (North Island)



New Zealand duck hunt hunt was excellent – easy, one-step outfitting

My New Zealand duck hunt hunt was excellent. They were able to get me on all the different ducks I wanted. I most enjoyed hunting black swans! I was able to get a couple pure Gray ducks. They are a great family. is easy, one-step outfitting.  After reading about Netherlands, I’ve put that one on my list too. Thanks.

Joe Gelhaye

Referenced hunt: New Zealand Duck Hunt (North Island) one of the best booking agents I have ever used

Over the years I have hunted ducks all over the US, Canada and Argentina. I have also been on several big games hunts in the US, Canada, Africa and Argentina. I have had some great outfitters, a few average outfitters and even a few poor outfitters over the years.  I have had enough experiences to tell when an agent knows his business and really cares about his clients. This leads me to our sea duck hunt in Massachusetts we went on in January of 2014.  Ramsey Russell and is one of the best booking agents I have ever used. They knew everything about the hunts they offered, where to send us for our needs and what to expect.  This was a hunt with my partner and our sons and it could not have been a better experience. One issue we encountered was with obtaining youth hunting licenses and Ramsey called me back on a Sunday and not only told us what to do, but had tracked down the store and driving directions for us. Problem solved!

The actual outfitter in Boston was everything Ramsey had said and only had good things to say about  I agree! I recommend the expertise and knowledge of Russell Ramsey and to anyone. He has done the leg work. Listen to his advice and enjoy. Thanks Ramsey.

Tim Rost

Referenced Hunt: New England Sea Duck Hunt in Massachusetts


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