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It was easy to work with

I felt that the guide staff went out of their way to make sure that we had a good time and were satisfied with our Oklahoma turkey hunt. The effort put forth was top notch.  Accommodations were comfortable and we all felt at home. We each got our rio, but it took some work. Unfortunately it seems to just be one of those years, not only in Oklahoma but much of Texas, too, where the drought has had an effect on the birds.

It was easy to work with  All information was provided in a proactive manner. Great customer service. All the guess work was taken out of the equation which made it easy in terms of preparation for our turkey hunting trip. Thanks for a great time with my dad.

Ryan Bassham

Referenced hunt: Turkey hunt in Oklahoma does everything they can to make arranging good hunting trips easy. Y’all also provide all the information needed for this hunt. Simplicity.

The weather played a big factor. Cold the first day, strong winds (30+mph) the next two days. The turkeys were still bunched up and not responsive.  Although the turkeys were not responsive , the number of turkeys in this area is amazing. does everything they can to make arranging good hunting trips easy. Y’all also provide all the information needed for this hunt. Reserve my dates for next year!

Josh Hawkins

Referenced hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunting did what I expected, when I asked. Prompt and to the point, and I like the way I was treated. Thanks for a great ocellated turkey hunt.

Everything about my ocellated turkey hunt was great – the guides, food, lodging, hunting. I was surprised by how comfortable the beds were at our authentic jungle tent camp.  Seeing and hearing lots of ocellated turkeys is an experience I will remember forever, and the 2 ocellated turkeys I collected have exceptionally long spurs. I do not know how they could do much better. did what I expected, when I asked. Prompt and to the point, and I like the way I was treated.  Thanks for a great ocellated turkey hunt.

Roger Cook

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ocellated%20turkey%20hunting%20rc100028211_500x625 is a quick and easy way to pick a reputable outfitter that you know has been checked out.

osceola%20turkey%20hunting%201129_150x200I enjoyed my Florida Osceola turkey hunting trip and got to watch a couple Osceola toms die while there. The guide was very easy to get along with and it was nice watching the birds around his house when not hunting.  He knew his areas and where the birds would be.  By talking to him, he doesn’t over hunt his land. The bunk house could use a little spucing up, but it was perfectly comfortable.

Ramsey puts alot of time and work into picking out outfitters to use. He is also very helpful with any questions that arise. is a quick and easy way to pick a reputable outfitter that you know has been checked out.

Bradley Reid

Referenced Hunt: Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting

I easily recommend

I have worked and hunted with many hunting agencies all over the world and can easily recommend  The duck hunting trips arranged for us were great hunts and very well organized. Ramsey and Anita make sure all details are attended.  There is nothing worse than getting to some remote location and greeted with surprises. If you are interested in a quality duck hunt, contact Ramsey Russell at

Terry Denmon
Professional Hunter

President & CEO
MOJO Outdoors

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Alaska king eider hunt proved to be the excitement of a lifetime.

Thanks to the good folks at that arranged our excellent Alaska King Eider hunting trip.  We have hunted ducks on four different continents, but this Alaska king eider hunt proved to be the excitement of a lifetime.  We enjoyed the shooting, the pristine nature of the island and the thrill of being out on the open ocean water. This hunt took place out of St. Paul Island, Alaska, located in the Bering Sea and arguably the best king eider hunting destination in the world.

The guide staff are seasoned hunters.  They have intimate knowledge of the waters around St. Paul and understand the bird flight patterns like the back of their hands.  Their attention to detail and concern for the safety of the client puts one at ease when hunting in extreme weather and frigid seas. The accommodations are, most importantly, warm and the food is good and plentiful.   The numbers of king eiders, Harlequin ducks, white-winged scoters and old squaws (long-tail ducks) is truly astounding.  It is also possible to bag Pacific eider and black scoters. We limited on king eiders and Harlequin and then opted to only take a representative few of the other species. understands duck hunters and are very responsive to clients.  They are readily available to answer any question concerning the hunt, including transportation, interim lodging, insurance and necessary gear.  If you are a serious sea duck hunter, this King eider duck hunt in Alaska is a must!

Kinsey and Mona Robinson

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Limited out daily. Cinnamon Teal! Mazatlan duck hunting in Mexico

Another great hunt with!  Limited out daily. Cinnamon Teal!!!!!!!!!!!  The Mazatlan duck hunting guides were excellent.  I am very pleased with Pat and Anita making last minute changes due to flight disruptions on the way down.  After a miserable plane delay and delayed baggage, Anita was able to arrange an extension and even had camo waiting for me at the desk.   I am ready for the Obregon duck and brant hunt next year!!

Jason Helton

Referenced Hunt:  Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt

The duck hunting trip to Mazatlan Mexico went great

The duck hunting trip to Mazatlan went great.  Plenty of birds and good accommodations.

Greg Schriner

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well worth the price!

We had a wonderful time goose hunting in Saskatchewan Canada.  Goose hunting was a little off compared to what I’d been told by returning hunters in our group, but the mild weather was great and the guides did a real good job.  All in all, the whole trip, meals, friendship, lodging and hunting was well worth the price!

Shane Grinder

Referenced hunt: Saskatchewan Canada Goose Hun


best we’ve ever had

Morning hunts were super. Giant honkers and one morning we got our duck limits in 40 minutes. Beautiful setting near Canadian Rockies made great settings for Alberta duck and goose hunting.  Fly fishing before evening duck hunts produced brown trout.  Staff are great.  Lodge and meals are the best we’ve ever had, food will challenge the best white table cloth restaurant.

Cheers, Beau Forrester

Referenced hunt: Alberta Canada goose and duck hunting

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