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…crown jewel of Argentina duck hunting, pigeons and doves

Regarding our recent La Paz Argentina duck hunt, the staff are very hospitable, the best.  Hunting was superb, food delicious.  La Paz is truly the crown jewel of Argentina duck hunting, pigeons and doves.  Thanks to all involved.

Mike & Josh Stephens

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Combo shooting and unstructured hunting schedule were perfect

argentina%20duck%20hunting%20la%20paz%201872_120x150Loved the La Paz Argentina dove hunt.  The hunting and food was excellent.  The combo hunting and unstructured hunting schedule were perfect. You can not see that volume in the United States! answered all questions and concerns, and saved us time and money.  I will speak very highly of La Paz and

Brooks Wilson

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La Paz Argentina duck hunting experience was indescribable

It has been a dream to duck hunt in Argentina.  My La Paz Argentina duck hunting experience was indescribable.  Everything was great.  Ducks, doves, pigeons and perdiz! We had the best time we could have asked for.

Dusty Lambert

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the perfect choices

Our sea duck hunting near Boston, Massachusetts was excellent.’s communications were as expected, the location and guide were the perfect choices, and having a quality go-to for what we were looking for was convenient. Guide professionalism was top-notch, the locations are great, the price is right and client safety is without question. No issues with the hunting location, accommodations, guide or food. Our opportunities were limited due to weather (out of your control), but the food, fellowship and guide were what we enjoyed the most. I will definitely point folks in the direction of Ramsey Russell’s

Blayne Estes

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Awesome experience I will never forget

The second Nova Scotia sinkbox duck hunt of our trip was the fastest time ever witnessed by our guide to a two man limit of oldsquaws – and he’s been taking folks for 20 yrs.  The black duck hunting was incredible.  Anyone that says this Nova Scotia duck hunting trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity has never been.  It wont be “once” for me. Awesome experience I will never forget. Big thanks to Ramsey and Anita at, and to our our Nova Scotia hosts for making it happen.


definite bucket list hunt

New England (Massachusetts) sea duck hunting trip was definite bucket list hunt for me and it exceed my expectations. Tons of ducks of every kind everywhere – and we are the only ones hunting them. This place is so foreign to any type of hunting that we encounter at home that I’m still amazed. This area is the Captain’s backyard and he has many stories to tell. I dont think there is a tactic he hasnt employed to get after sea duck. Top notch!

Bill Shepard

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Nova Scotia…finest pay hunt I have been on…’s Nova Scotia duck hunt was absolutely the finest pay hunt I have been on.  It’s not about a million dollar lodge, we stayed in our guide’s comfortable home. It was 100% about the hunt and experience. We had great hunts for oldsquaw from traditional sink boxes, but the highlight was black duck hunting.  I had built the Black Duck up to a near mythical status in my head as being one of those birds I might never kill.  One day we sat up under a large spruce tree in an overflow area, worked groups of 20-30 black ducks and soon had our 2 limits – 12 black ducks total.  It was an amazing day for me, one of legend that I shall not soon forget.

novascotiaduckhunting_2897_500x333 novascotiasinkboxhunting_9866_500x334


Eider hunt not just a trip but an adventure

IMG_2749_262x350Great eider hunting guide in Massachusetts that goes out of his way to make it not just a trip but an experience. From day one dropping us off on a pile of rocks not much bigger than your average backyard shed to working his butt off in rough conditions to produce good sea duck hunting. This trip was definitely an experience –  banded drake eider, blackduck, and an old squaw all in one trip. Trophies aside, the seaduck hunting adventure was something else.

We were way out of our element. The trophies and experiencing an entirely new way of hunting with the Boston skyline in the background. I could not be more pleased with the trip.  The captain does a lot to make your hunt easy and make sure you enjoy it. Little touches like leaving a gun cleaning kit at the hotel front desk, providing ammo, buying lunch at local restaurants, and packaging your trophies for shipping.

This old captain has some stories to tell, goes out of his way to make sure you get what you want and have a good time. Big thanks to Ramsey Russell at

Ronnie Johnson

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Will book all future waterfowl hunts with Ramsey Russell

Regarding our recent Canada duck hunt, excellent guide and an excellent person to be around. He does his best to make every hunt a successful one. The lodge, food, and hunts are all first class! Everything was laid out perfectly and professionally. From day one, both Anita & Ramsey stayed in touch with me regularly to make sure I had everything needed for a successful and enjoyable hunt. I will book all my future waterfowl hunts with

Brad Britt


said this was the best they’d ever been on

We had a great time dove hunting in Argentina.  Everything was first-class. Most importantly, our clients had a good time.  Several that had been on Argentina dove hunts previously said this was the best they’d ever been on and that the shooting was far more challenging than they’d experienced elsewhere.  We’ve all been in the hospitality industry a very long time and know what we’re talking about.  Great trip. We plan on making this an annual event.

Chris Eaves

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