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…greatest snow goose hunting of my life

Had a great time spring snow goose hunting in Quebec.  The staff couldn’t have been nice or more accommodating, my room was very comfortable, the food and wine selections were great.  The chef offered to cook their snow goose specialty and I will definitely try it next time.  Luc was an excellent and very enjoyable host.  It rained the first couple of days and we had some shooting, but the third day was the charm and we experienced classical decoying snow goose hunting, the greatest snow goose hunt of my life.  Everything was perfect and we intend to go back next year.

C. Monk


the “full jungle experience” of ocellated turkey hunting

Had a great time during my recent ocellated turkey hunt near Campeche, Mexico.  I got 2 nice ocellated turkey trophies and a Greater Currasow – luckily, in just 3 days.  The guides and trophy bird preparation were excellent.  I was not really expecting the “full jungle experience” of ocellated turkey hunting – there were alot of other wildlife to view and appreciate.  Binoculars and a good bird identification book are must-bring.  Jungle tent camp was comfortable and the food was good.  Left camp earlier than planned and was thankful for the convenient assistance of Cherie and Anita in making airline changes.  Thanks for arranging another great turkey hunting experience.

Joe Dodd

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Did I say a lifetime experience? Yes, indeed I did.

I happened to see’s 100% donated auction item for a Alaska King Eider hunting trip at the Dallas Safari Club’s Visions Convention banquet in January 2012.  An opportunity I just could not pass up.  A duck hunter’s dream…a hunt of a life-time! My preparation was made even easier by the help I received from Anita Russell, and Ramsey was always in the background to help on specific hunting questions such as hunting gear, ammunition, the whole hunting experience.

The guides know their business.  Their equipment was in great shape.  Their long-time experience and knowledge of sea duck hunting was quite evident, especially when it came to hunting king eiders in Alaska.  They were extremely safety conscious and Michelle was a great cook with her home made three squares a day, including steak, fresh snow crab, chicken, stews and soups, fresh baked goods, desserts and snacks.  The accommodations were more than likely the best on the island.

Did I say a lifetime experience?  Yes, indeed I did.  I got all four of the major species – especially the magnificent King Eider, which is limited to four only.  This Alaska King Eider Hunt was one of my most memorable hunts.  Call Ramsey Russell at 866-438-3897 or go to and get your reservations made early.

John Eads, Treasurer
Dallas Safari Club

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Everything was as advertised and more.

Everyone we dealt with worked extremely hard to make our hunt memorable. Quality hunting and guide staff.  There was great variety and numbers of ducks and excellent accessability of the blinds. pre-hunt planning was impeccable. Everything was as advertised and more. Out of the many hunts we’ve gone on, Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting was one of the best and very memorable.

George Founds

Referenced hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Thanks for everything. makes what you want to happen, happen.  Anita Russell at is excellent. Our Mazatalan Mexico duck hunting guides were great. We enjoyed quality shooting, many beautiful bird species, and scenic hunting areas. Thanks for everything.

Grant Salsman

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Great Mexico duck hunt with

Limited out daily. The guides were excellent. After a miserable plane delay, Anita was able to arrange an extension and even had camo waiting for me at the front desk.  Cinnamon Teal!!!!!!!!!!!  Once again, a great duck hunt with! I am very pleased with Pat and Anita making last minute changes due to flight disruptions on the way down.  Pat is extremely knowledgeable and I enjoy learning from his experiences.  I am ready for Obregon next year!!

Jason Helton

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Osceola turkey hunting trip was first rate

osceola%20turkey%20hunting%201131_275x206Everything about our Osceola turkey hunting trip was first rate. We wanted to make sure we had the best opportunity to harvest an Osceola and put our trust in Ramsey because of the hard work he does finding reputable outfitters to work with. This Florida osceola turkey hunt exceeded my expectations.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and had pre-scouted these birds for weeks before we arrived.  He had them down. I had actually talked to him on the phone the week prior to the hunt and he asked it would be ok it we just doubled on opening morning. I laughed and told him that would be just fine.

He kept his word.  Five minutes after sitting down we had our 2 osceolas lying on the ground with a third gobbling at them. It was awesome.

I now completely trust Ramsey as wanting nothing more than to make our hunt memorable and successful. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to go on a good quality hunt.

Scott McDonald

Refrenced hunt: Osceola Turkey Hunt

One of the highlights of Las Flores Argentina duck hunting was Duncan and I shooting a box of shells each at incoming ducks in a matter of minutes.

One of the highlights of Las Flores Argentina duck hunting was Duncan and I shooting a box of shells each at incoming ducks in a matter of minutes.   Great hunts, great staff.  I appreciated that prior to travel, vetted itinerary changes with us. No surprises after we got there.  Also, Anita handled all questions promptly and anticipated others I’d not yet even thought to ask.

Ian Munn

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Hunting with my boys is the best to me, and for them to experience the finest Argentina ducks hunting in the world was rewarding.

Lots of birds and fishing was great. The quality and variety made a wonderful trip. Accommodations were comfortable in a beautiful setting and the food was outstanding. The hosts (Martha, Osvaldo and Karen) were the best. It was nice that Martha was there when you arrived to help through customs and all the way to departure.

Hunting with my boys is the best to me, and for them to experience the finest Argentina ducks hunting in the world was rewarding. They also got to see what a well run operation looks and feels like. I know from past experiences that most Argentina hunting trips are not this quality. Personal attention, quality accommodations, professional but personable services from the entire staff.  Everyone from the hosts to the bird guides were fun to be with.

You guys at know your stuff. You have been there and know the experience personally.  It makes a huge difference.

Jay Still

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The Mexico Pacific Black Brant hunt was amazing.

The Mexico Pacific Black Brant hunt was amazing. I’ll definitely do it again. Hands down the brant hunting in Baja was probably some of the best in the world, and I’ve been hunting them for 6 years now. Twelve guys, 3 days,  full limits.  One the 2nd day, a lot of bands fell from the sky for everyone. My dad and I dropped 3 doubles and 1 single out of a massive flock of 200-300 brant. Won’t be topping that for awhile. And the food was amazing.

I think of as among the premier waterfowling companies.

Adam Stevens

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