Guest Testimonials

A great time was had…

testimonial002_267x200“Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a great time was had on our Alberta goose hunt. I should say goose “shoot” since I have never seen so many geese and ducks in my life! Abundant waterfowl every hunt, with great guides and great camaraderie.

The facilities were excellent, and I appreciated the hospitality our guides exhibited. They were determined to set us up right and they did.

In short, I had a great time and look forward to going again in the future. Knowing your standard for excellence, I ‘m looking forward to trying one of your Argentina dove or duck hunts soon. “

– Richard C. Roberts III

Referenced Hunt: Alberta Canada Waterfowl Hunt

6 great days of Manitoba mallard and honker hunting

gene_taylor_200x250Well, Ramsey, more great duck hunting on a different continent than last time.  We had 6 great days of Manitoba mallard and honker hunting. I enjoyed every part of it.  It certainly lived up to my expectations.

I’ve been blessed to hunt many of the prime waterfowling hotspots and this is definitely one of them.   The guide is a true master of decoying birds, an excellent caller and hunter.  I’ll be back next season to waterfowl hunt in Canada again.

Your attention to detail made this hunt trouble free and smooth, from start to finish.  Ramsey Russell’s did it again!

– Gene Taylor

Ramsey will put you on the ducks and geese

testimonial001“If you want to get ducks, this is the only way to go. Ramsey will put you on the ducks and geese. I plan on going on many more waterfowl hunts with!”

– Joel Williams

What a great duck hunt!

testimonial003“What a great Uruguay duck hunt! Of the three times I’ve hunted South America, this was by far the very best and least expensive.

I’ve told everyone that GetDucks’ Uruguay duck hunt is definitely the way to go. Thanks for the great trip; we’re already looking forward to next year!”

– Sam Pierce

Referenced Hunt: Duck Hunting in Uruguay

Mazatlan duck hunting trip in Mexico was everything I always dreamed it would be. When you take turns shooting only drakes, you know it’s as good as it gets.

chad%20h%20mazatlan_225x281“Our Mazatlan duck hunting trip to Mexico was a wonderful, but much needed vacation for my wife and I. The scenery, food, hospitality, and sunshine was perfect. The duck hunting exceeded our expectations. When you take turns shooting drakes only, you know it’s as good as it gets. Introducing the other couples via email before the trip was the perfect touch. Ramsey and Anita were always available prior, during, and after the trip to answer any questions. Everything fell into place exactly like it was supposed to. We had a great time socializing, shooting ducks, sharing great memories, and making new friends. We appreciate ya’ll making it happen and definitely look forward to our next hunt.”

Chad Hebert

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt







Thanks Ramsey for a great trip I’ll never forget.

testimonial005“I have a must do list of things I’m determined to do in my lifetime. Dove hunting Argentina was on my list along with diving the Great Barrier Reef and fly fishing Alaska.

By chance I read a post on a duck hunting website from a group that had just been to Uruguay duck hunting with some awesome pictures. They liked it so much they were already planning a trip for the following year (2006). I called Ramsey Russell of and told him that I was interested. Luckily there was an opening and I already knew one of the hunters.

I didn’t know what to expect but boy was I surprised!! I killed more ducks in 4 days than I had the entire preceding season. In just 2 and 1/2 days of dove hunting I probably killed more dove than I had my whole life! Not only was the hunting exceptional but the accommodations and food were excellent. What ended up as a hunt of a lifetime was the wing-shooting adventure of 2 lifetimes. I’m already scheduled again next year. Ramsey pays special attention to the details; right down to matching personalities within a group to make sure everyone gets along. Thanks Ramsey for a great trip I’ll never forget.”

See you next year,

– Chan Blount

Referenced Hunt(s): Uruguay Duck Hunting, Argentina Cordoba Dove Hunting

A great Canada goose hunt!

testimonial006_200x150Thanks for getting me set up on a great Canada goose hunt! This being my first hunt out of country you made sure I had all bases covered. Everything was as good as or better than you described. The Alberta Canada goose hunting was the best it gets. I was a little nervous about booking an outfitted trip from some of the stories I had heard, but after talking with you, knowing your expectations of good and that you hunt with each outfitter beforehand made my decision easier.

You let me know about anything that may not be satisfactory up front so I could make a decision based on the entire trip not just the highlights like so many other people try to do. On that very first morning when the geese were pouring in and it was almost time to shoot you told me I was fixing to experience something I’d never forget. It only took 14 minutes to get our group’s limit of honkers that morning, but you were right. I’ll remember that week forever. I am looking forward to my next waterfowl hunt through, maybe south of the equator.

Bradley Reid

Referenced Hunt: Canada Goose Hunting in Alberta Canada

Duck hunting in South America was a dream that made a reality

greg_yurkow.jpg“Duck hunting in South America was a dream that made a reality. Your diligent efforts to uncover the world’s premier duck hunting destinations paid huge dividends.

What was supposed to be a mere high-volume Uruguay duck hunt also included excellent Uruguay perdiz hunting to fully round out my first trip of a lifetime. I am greatly looking forward to my next duck hunting vacation with Thanks again Ramsey!”

-Greg Yurkow

Referenced Hunt: Uruguay Duck Hunt

Canada duck hunt was a trip of many fond memories

Seeing the country, the guide was a pleasure to hunt with, incredible waterfowl and watching Snook (my brother’s dog) work so well.  This Canada duck hunt was a trip of many fond memories.

– Pat Mckenna

I will book again and recommend y’all to others!

shawn%20mayatte_200x275Overall a good experience!  I will book again and recommend y’all to others.

-Shaun Mayatte