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Thanks for helping to make this trip a reality. I highly recommend this Canada hunting trip!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how great the recent Canada goose hunting trip to Saskatchewan that my son and I booked through was.  As I told you from the beginning, my son graduated earlier this year and his graduation gift was the trip to Canada to hunt waterfowl.  It was his first time to hunt in Canada and only my second time.  We hunted both ducks and geese and had an extraordinarily great time and made some memories that will last a lifetime.  You told me when I talked to you that we would not be disappointed with the trip and indeed, you were right.  We were able to hunt both morning geese and afternoon ducks and limited out every time except one.  But more importantly than that, my son and I got to enjoy time in the field together in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Thanks for helping to make this trip a reality.  I highly recommend this Canada goose hunting trip!  Thanks again!

Richard Walters

Referenced Hunt: Saskatchewan Canada Goose Hunting is honest, upfront, no BS, polite, and provides timely email responses. It was a good package I plan on rebooking in the future.

I killed one very good Rio (1.5 inch spurs).  Was frustrated by the late spring and dry conditions, but I enjoyed the entire experience. I received honest information, without undue hype, about the hunt in Oklahoma. Also, Anita was very pleasant and courteous. is honest, upfront, no BS, polite, and provides timely email responses.  It was a good package I plan on rebooking in the future for my young son and I.

Greg Williams

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…made sure that we had the best Argentina duck hunt ever

Our Argentina duck hunting trip was everything we were told and more. Martha and the staff went above and beyond and made sure that we had the best Argentina duck hunt ever. I have been on several hunting trips in the past and it sometimes wasn’t everything I hoped for or was told it would be.

Ramsey and Anita and the staff did an outstanding job, La Paz was over the top trip, wouldn’t change a thing, could not have asked for better. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner, I honestly can’t think of anything that would have made it any better. did a fantastic job.

Don McInnis

Referenced hunt: Argentina Duck Hunting La Paz

New Zealand duck hunting was my third hunt at a destination

While duck hunting in New Zealand, we greatly enjoyed the accommodations, food, finding birds and the way we were treated by the outfitter.  The country side was beautiful.  Working birds and meeting new duck hunters in a different country were memorable.  I’ve traveled a lot with alot of other outfitters that keep 9 to 5 hours but an immediate Sunday reply by Ramsey will have me booking all future trips with  Ramsey is a good man and duck hunter, not another used car salesman. New Zealand duck hunting was my third hunt at a destination and I recommend them all.

Karl & Herman Busing

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Not only great Argentina duck hunting but a true adventure

Rio Salado was not only a great Argentina duck hunting but a true adventure as well.  The staff was great and I felt welcomed at all times.  I hope I will be back in the very near future because it was hands-down the best of several Argentina duck hunting trips that I have ever been associated with.

Doug Anderson

Referenced hunt: Argentina duck hunting Rio Salado


Gould’s turkey hunt was a once in a lifetime experience that we’re doing again next year

goulds turkey hunting trophyThis Gould’s turkey hunt was everything I expected and more.  It met all my expectations for the amount paid. The atmosphere was fantastic. The staff was very accommodating.  The turkey hunting was great. 

I shot 2 nice Gould’s gobblers. is super – great people that are honest and tell you the way it is, a rare quality in today’s hunting world.  Made a new friend and hunting buddy in Ramsey, the duck hunter on the Gould’s turkey hunt, who made the trip great by sharing his hunting experiences around the world. 

All in all, our Gould’s turkey hunt was a once in a lifetime experience that we are definitely doing again next year.

Chris Adkins

Referenced Hunt: Gould’s Turkey Hunt in Mexico



…greatest snow goose hunting of my life

Had a great time spring snow goose hunting in Quebec.  The staff couldn’t have been nice or more accommodating, my room was very comfortable, the food and wine selections were great.  The chef offered to cook their snow goose specialty and I will definitely try it next time.  Luc was an excellent and very enjoyable host.  It rained the first couple of days and we had some shooting, but the third day was the charm and we experienced classical decoying snow goose hunting, the greatest snow goose hunt of my life.  Everything was perfect and we intend to go back next year.

C. Monk


the “full jungle experience” of ocellated turkey hunting

Had a great time during my recent ocellated turkey hunt near Campeche, Mexico.  I got 2 nice ocellated turkey trophies and a Greater Currasow – luckily, in just 3 days.  The guides and trophy bird preparation were excellent.  I was not really expecting the “full jungle experience” of ocellated turkey hunting – there were alot of other wildlife to view and appreciate.  Binoculars and a good bird identification book are must-bring.  Jungle tent camp was comfortable and the food was good.  Left camp earlier than planned and was thankful for the convenient assistance of Cherie and Anita in making airline changes.  Thanks for arranging another great turkey hunting experience.

Joe Dodd

Referenced Hunt: Mexico Ocellated Turkey Hunt




Did I say a lifetime experience? Yes, indeed I did.

I happened to see’s 100% donated auction item for a Alaska King Eider hunting trip at the Dallas Safari Club’s Visions Convention banquet in January 2012.  An opportunity I just could not pass up.  A duck hunter’s dream…a hunt of a life-time! My preparation was made even easier by the help I received from Anita Russell, and Ramsey was always in the background to help on specific hunting questions such as hunting gear, ammunition, the whole hunting experience.

The guides know their business.  Their equipment was in great shape.  Their long-time experience and knowledge of sea duck hunting was quite evident, especially when it came to hunting king eiders in Alaska.  They were extremely safety conscious and Michelle was a great cook with her home made three squares a day, including steak, fresh snow crab, chicken, stews and soups, fresh baked goods, desserts and snacks.  The accommodations were more than likely the best on the island.

Did I say a lifetime experience?  Yes, indeed I did.  I got all four of the major species – especially the magnificent King Eider, which is limited to four only.  This Alaska King Eider Hunt was one of my most memorable hunts.  Call Ramsey Russell at 866-438-3897 or go to and get your reservations made early.

John Eads, Treasurer
Dallas Safari Club

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Everything was as advertised and more.

Everyone we dealt with worked extremely hard to make our hunt memorable. Quality hunting and guide staff.  There was great variety and numbers of ducks and excellent accessability of the blinds. pre-hunt planning was impeccable. Everything was as advertised and more. Out of the many hunts we’ve gone on, Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting was one of the best and very memorable.

George Founds

Referenced hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting