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Recommend this Mexico brant hunt to anyone

Just wanted to send an email tell you how good of a time I had duck and brant hunting in Obregon, Mexico. As you know I went not knowing anyone and came back with many friends. Frank and his staff do a wonderful job making sure that you are comfortable and that all of your needs are well taken care of.

This was the first time that I had actually met Ramsey in person. He was great and was constantly making sure I was having a good time. I would recommend this hunt to anyone.  Thanks to Cherie for the smooth travel arrangements. Thank you for a fantastic time and I’m sure you will be hearing from me again soon.

Jason Bunch

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Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting was…fun for both hunters and spouses

Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting was excellent. The sheer volume of birds was unexpected. The accommodations were terrific and it was fun for both hunters and spouses. Other than shooting birds, we greatly enjoyed hunts in a picturesque landscape and then getting to come back and enjoy the pool and beach with spouses/girlfriends.  I knew in working with that I was working with an experienced service. Feedback was quick and thorough. Questions were answered quickly and all information was easily obtained.

Josh Kelly

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Time goes too fast at La Paz

Argentina was my 9th country to visit.  We felt treated as royalty during our La Paz Argentina duck hunt.  The hospitality and food were World Class.  The care we were given by the staff was first class.  Hunting was great. Time goes too fast at La Paz!!!!  The lodge and grounds were beautiful.

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Scott

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Will remember this Argentina duck hunt my entire life

Dear Mr. Russell,

I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic Argentina duck hunt experience we had. I have turkey hunted throughout the United States and Mexico and have stayed at some nice ranches and lodges, but this beats anything I have ever experienced before. The food was great, the hunting was fantastic, and everyone we met was a pleasure. The best part of the trip was that my brother, Ty, and I did something different every morning and every afternoon.

Martha was absolutely fantastic from the time we got to Buenos Aires to accompanying us on every hunt. You could not have a better partner and team. She made the trip delightful with her personality and knowledge. Everything was great!  We especially enjoyed the field lunches.

I recommend this trip to anyone. Please use any of our names and numbers for references. I will remember this trip my entire life.


Taylor Kinard (Jackie Welch with grandchildren Taylor and Ty Kinard)

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Gould’s turkey hunt nothing short of fantastic

The Gould’s turkey hunt was nothing short of fantastic!   It far exceeded my expectations!   The staff, hunting, lodging, and food were amazing.  I took 2 very nice Gould’s turkeys.  The GetDucks team is truly a great team to work with and made everything very easily accommodating for us!   I will definitely be hunting with Ramsey again.   I now consider him a friend and look forward to our next adventure.  I plan on doing this same Gould’s turkey hunt again next year!   Bottom line, this Gould’s hunt was one of the best hunting trips I have ever been on!  Thanks again, Ramsey, and team!

Anthony Keene

Referenced hunt: Mexico Gould’s Turkey Hunt

Gould's Turkey Hunting

Above and beyond

argentina%20pigeon%20hunting%20la%20paz%201863_250x262Just returned from the La Paz Argentina duck hunting combo.  They put us on the birds every day.  Osvaldo and Karen were excellent hosts and served incredible food.

Martha, Ramsey and Anita were on top of everything. Martha is alot of fun and makes sure everyting is taken care of as well as providing jokes!  The staff and bird boys are fantastic, always go above and beyond. Everything was great.

Rufus & Morgan Gronger

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…crown jewel of Argentina duck hunting, pigeons and doves

Regarding our recent La Paz Argentina duck hunt, the staff are very hospitable, the best.  Hunting was superb, food delicious.  La Paz is truly the crown jewel of Argentina duck hunting, pigeons and doves.  Thanks to all involved.

Mike & Josh Stephens

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Combo shooting and unstructured hunting schedule were perfect

argentina%20duck%20hunting%20la%20paz%201872_120x150Loved the La Paz Argentina dove hunt.  The hunting and food was excellent.  The combo hunting and unstructured hunting schedule were perfect. You can not see that volume in the United States! answered all questions and concerns, and saved us time and money.  I will speak very highly of La Paz and

Brooks Wilson

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La Paz Argentina duck hunting experience was indescribable

It has been a dream to duck hunt in Argentina.  My La Paz Argentina duck hunting experience was indescribable.  Everything was great.  Ducks, doves, pigeons and perdiz! We had the best time we could have asked for.

Dusty Lambert

Referenced hunt: La Pa Argentina Duck Hunt

the perfect choices

Our sea duck hunting near Boston, Massachusetts was excellent.’s communications were as expected, the location and guide were the perfect choices, and having a quality go-to for what we were looking for was convenient. Guide professionalism was top-notch, the locations are great, the price is right and client safety is without question. No issues with the hunting location, accommodations, guide or food. Our opportunities were limited due to weather (out of your control), but the food, fellowship and guide were what we enjoyed the most. I will definitely point folks in the direction of Ramsey Russell’s

Blayne Estes

Referenced hunt: Sea duck hunting in Massachusetts