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Mazatlan Mexcio duck hunting – plenty of ducks and daily limits

Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting was great. Plenty of ducks and daily limits once again! The guides are excellent and worked very hard to ensure that clients needs were met.  Ramsey was upfront about the hunting in Mexico being slower than normal due to an off migration this year and advised me to wait. I was very pleasantly suprised to find the birds were there in abundance. is very fast, friendly and honest!

Jason Helton

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We are happy hunters!

Seven of us, 5 hunters & 2 non-hunters, spent 3 wonderful days Gould’s turkey hunting in Durango. We have never seen that many turkeys in any 3 day period in our lives, and we’re old! Each of us was successful with at least a nine+ inch bearded Gould’s. We estimated the number of turkeys seen, including hens, jakes & toms to be around 400. This hunt constituted the world turkey slam for each of us. We couldn’t have asked for better food, accommodations, beautiful surroundings OR, a better turkey hunt. We are happy hunters!

D. Inman

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commitment to making my hunt a success was unmatched

Just returned from the Bering Sea for Alaska King Eider hunting.  It was a pleasure to stay in comfortable accommodations with great food and hospitality.  The guides were professional and personable.  Their commitment to making my hunt a success was unmatched by my other hunts.  Most of all, the hunt was exactly as it was described to me by  Thank you so much for help to complete my sea duck collection!

Lincoln Godfrey

Referenced Hunt: Alaska King Eider Hunt


lots of fun and plenty of birds

Regarding our recent trophy eider duck hunting trip in Massachusetts, we are happy to report excellent guide, lots of fun and plenty of birds in the area. Eider hunting from the rocks was most enjoyable. provided quick and accurate communications. They knew what we needed and provided it.

Tim Rost

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Alaska king eider hunting made my dreams come true

King eider hunting in Alaska is something that real hunters cannot miss.  As its name states, the “King Eider” is the leader of all ducks and there’s no other place as St. Paul’s Island’s shores to get it guaranteed. Thanks to Ramsey and Anita (, I have made my dreams come true. I cannot find enough words to explain the excitement and pleasure I felt during my amazing trip. Owed to the expert guides, I reached my limit on the first day of hunt. Returning to camp, you would find dinner home-made.

Due to the blizzard we encountered during our stay, we missed the return flight and they kept on preparing us food until we left St. Paul’s Island and we wouldn’t have made it back to our home country of Malta without the help of’s Anita. There’s no other like, simply the best and they will exceed your expectations. Thank you Ramsey and Anita for the unforgettable trophy duck hunting experience!

Patrick Grech

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traveled from my home in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in Malta to hunt king eiders on St Paul’s Island

I traveled from my home in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in Malta to king eider hunt on St Paul’s Island Alaska through  It was the most extreme hunting experience I have ever been on.  The guides were very professional. The food was very good. Because of bad weather we had only 3 days hunting, but we got our trophy king eiders and harliquens.  I am very happy. prepared us excellently.  Anita was very helpful during airline delays and travel. Thank you.

Stephen Bugeja

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…off the charts!

I just returned from Obregon Mexico duck and brant hunt and had a great time. The brant hunting was off the charts!  I am interested in one of your Argentina duck hunts, please send me details on remote duck hunt in brochure with June/July dates.

Rene Merritt

Referenced hunt: Obregon Mexico Brant Hunt

definitely lived up to the hype

Outstanding, Ramsey. Want to thank you and Anita for all the help.  The brant hunting in Mexico definitely lived up to the hype.  My dad and I truly had the hunt of a lifetime.

Austin Kleine

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Obregon Mexico was fantastic!

My recent hunting trip to Obregon Mexico for ducks, brant and doves was fantastic!  The accommodations, staff and food were great.  I am looking forward to another trip down there very soon. Trophy importation was made very easy.  Thanks to for the great hunting trip.

Chad Stanley

Referenced hunt: Obregon Mexico duck and brant hunting combo


Thanks to the team

Thanks to Ramsey and Anita and the whole team for putting together the hosted Obregon Mexico duck and brant hunt.  Every step of the way was as painless and well organized as I’ve come to expect from them. is the best booking agency around.  Frank, the owner of the outfit, was as on the ball as I’ve seen yet. His staff and air boat guys were truely amazing. Bar none.

I wanted to come home with some teal slams, shovelers, Mexican mallards. Was able to take all and more. Exporting was handled – the permits and paperwork and crossing customs in Dallas was easy.

Adam Stevens

Referenced hunt: Obregon Mexico brant hunting combo