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ocellated turkey hunting in the jungle of an ancient Mayan civilization’s ocellated turkey hunting provided the wonderful experience to hunt in the jungle of an ancient Mayan civilization.  One of the most memorable Father-Son experiences Ryan and I have ever done.  I collected 2 ocellated turkeys. Ryan’s trophy ocellated turkey had spurs just over 2 inches long, and his brocket deer had nearly 6-inch antlers.  We’re going to have our ocellated turkeys mounted together in a habitat scene to memorialize the adventure. is an extremely professionally run company, and I was exceedingly pleased with the complete experience.

Bill Bassham

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ocellated turkey hunting and gould’s turkey hunting trip…planned out perfectly

Thanks to I completed my turkey hunting World Slam with 2 ocellated turkeys and 2 Gould’s turkeys during a single trip. The turkey hunting was spectacular and all portions of the trip were planned out perfectly.  The jungle in Campeche was just so full of life it was hard to not see something new each day. The scenery in at the Durango ranch was unbelievable. The response times I got on phone calls and questions was well above average.  The pre-hunt organization and actual hunt were all you could ask for.  I really enjoyed the hosted hunt. When going to a foreign country I prefer to travel with someone with experience and certainly has that.

Brian Bristow

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ocellated turkey hunts were amazing – counting the days until I can make it back.

For me, it has always been more than just the hunting. It’s the overall experience that makes a lifelong memory and best satisfies the hunger of a hunter. The ocellated turkey hunts offered by delivers on every important aspect of a successful hunt. My father and I enjoyed the turkey hunt of a lifetime together. Ancient Mayan ruins, authentic regional cuisine, hardworking and knowledgable camp staff, and incredible Yucatan hunting have me counting the days until I can make it back. I will host another lucky group of ocellated turkey hunters in April 2016.

Ryan Bassham, Hunting Consultant, cell 214-926-5536

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Oklahoma turkey hunting – I had a Rio Grande turkey dance around my decoy for 70 straight minutes. No lie!!!

Oklahoma turkey hunting was a total DIY hunt. I was shown some boundaries and let go. I had a Rio Grande turkey dance around my decoy for 70 straight minutes. No lie!!! I had to scare it away to get picked up. The spots we were taken to were not hunted hard or pressured and I went late in the season!! When I had a question or request was right on top of it. Everything was written out and easy to follow. I certainly would like to consider Argentina next year with my wife. Thank you.

Mark E. Gonyo

I will never forget this Oklahoma turkey hunting trip

I spoke extensively with Ramsey on the phone to let him know what my goals were and the emails had given me all the information I needed to know what needed to be done before the trip and where to buy tags and be fully prepared for the Oklahoma turkey hunt. The outfitter was very good at building my confidence as I am new to turkey hunting and inexperienced. He manages his animals and lands very well. The whole camp atmosphere was great and very comfortable and friendly. My best memory is all the coaching and advice I received from the other hunters and the outfitter. It will make me a better hunter in the future and the calling of the birds and his set ups were a great learning tool for me to use in the future. There were so many great memories from the different wildlife, landscapes, weather, new friends and of course beautiful Rio Grande turkeys…. I will never forget this trip…. EVERYTHING was exceptional.

Terrah Evenson

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Many thanks for making a dream a reality

Hello Ramsey and Anita,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Russia capercaillie and duck hunt. I dreamed of pursuing the capercaillie for more than fifteen years, other things kept coming up on the to do list and I thought with avian influenza in Russia, that I would not be able to get a trophy back. Well, got me on track and the situation in order. Weather did us no favors, this was one of the most challenging hunts I have been on but also one of the most rewarding. Many thanks for making a dream a reality.

Barry Stephan

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Mazatlan Mexcio duck hunting – plenty of ducks and daily limits

Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting was great. Plenty of ducks and daily limits once again! The guides are excellent and worked very hard to ensure that clients needs were met.  Ramsey was upfront about the hunting in Mexico being slower than normal due to an off migration this year and advised me to wait. I was very pleasantly suprised to find the birds were there in abundance. is very fast, friendly and honest!

Jason Helton

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We are happy hunters!

Seven of us, 5 hunters & 2 non-hunters, spent 3 wonderful days Gould’s turkey hunting in Durango. We have never seen that many turkeys in any 3 day period in our lives, and we’re old! Each of us was successful with at least a nine+ inch bearded Gould’s. We estimated the number of turkeys seen, including hens, jakes & toms to be around 400. This hunt constituted the world turkey slam for each of us. We couldn’t have asked for better food, accommodations, beautiful surroundings OR, a better turkey hunt. We are happy hunters!

D. Inman

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commitment to making my hunt a success was unmatched

Just returned from the Bering Sea for Alaska King Eider hunting.  It was a pleasure to stay in comfortable accommodations with great food and hospitality.  The guides were professional and personable.  Their commitment to making my hunt a success was unmatched by my other hunts.  Most of all, the hunt was exactly as it was described to me by  Thank you so much for help to complete my sea duck collection!

Lincoln Godfrey

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lots of fun and plenty of birds

Regarding our recent trophy eider duck hunting trip in Massachusetts, we are happy to report excellent guide, lots of fun and plenty of birds in the area. Eider hunting from the rocks was most enjoyable. provided quick and accurate communications. They knew what we needed and provided it.

Tim Rost

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