This Rio Salado Argentina duck hunting operation is truly one of the great duck hunting destinations in the world…exceeded my expectations.

The recent email that Chris sent really summarizes our Argentina duck hunting trip most accurately. Ramsey, the trip was everything you represented and exceeded my expectations. Whereas I thought our little boys would shoot a couple of boxes of shells in the course of a morning hunt, I was so proud to hear them  banging away in the distance going through whatever number of shells had been suggested for that mornings hunt.  I was amazed to see them harvesting 25 to 40 ducks considering that they only shot at ducks and killed a few at our farm for the first time last Christmas. It shows that their natural ability and passion for shooting can really begin to pay off when starting so young.

This Rio Salado Argentina duck hunting operation is truly one of the great duck hunting destinations in the world. Also I’ve had many translators in many places in the world I’ve traveled internationally, but I have to say you are truly blessed to have Martha as part of your team. One day I asked her if she actually thinks in English because her comprehension and understanding is excellent. She can read an expression on a client’s face and then already begin to have a solution or answer on the tip of her tongue. Also I appreciate her having gone into the field with us on a few occasions. It allowed us to learn more about the experience and talk to our guide through her.

As for the future I will be staying abreast of you through your website and hope to be able to participate in another one of your adventures in the future.

Bob Stuck

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Argentina duck hunting trip at Rio Salado