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Ocellated Turkey Hunting _1517Ocellated turkey hunting
to complete the World Slam eventually takes you to the forests of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the only area in the world inhabited by huntable numbers of the colorful, extremely long-spurred Ocellated Turkey. Our Ocellated Turkey hunt is located a in the heart of the jungle, a short drive from the Campeche airport. Guests are greeted at the airport and transported to the lodge.

Ocellated Turkey hunts are typically 5 days. A typical day’s Ocellated turkey hunt begins with a wake-up at about 4 a.m. After breakfast, hunters depart with their guides to the morning hunting ground, usually within about 30 minutes of the lodge. In the dark, hunter and guide listen intently for the low-pitched song of the male ocellated turkey that begins with the drumming of wings followed by the uniquely beautiful sounds (Click HERE to hear the Ocellated Turkey song). Stalking is a proven ocellated turkey hunting method, as is hunting near water and food sources. Calling can also be effective at times.

With 15+ years experience, our small staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Guide-staff are expert ocellated hunters with a deep knowledge of the region. Our host speaks fluent English and will serve as your interpreter during the trip. Their hospitality and guidance will enrich the hunting experience. Trophies will be very skillfully caped and prepared. Importation permit information is provided during the pre-trip planning process, but we suggest you opt to have our ocellated turkey hunting outfitter ship your trophy capes directly.

Ocellated turkey hunts in the heart of the Yucatan Jungle provides a rare hunting adventure that many well-traveled guests say is easily among their favorites. Colorful toucans perching on low-lying limbs, diminutive brocket deer drinking from hidden pools, huge iguanas scaling ancient Mayan ruins, jaguar tracks imprinting bare, jungle soil are among the many memorable sights unique to hunting ocellated turkeys in Mexico.  This is authentic ocellated turkey hunting as it properly should be – an immersive experience with ocellated turkeys and other wildlife right out your tent door.  Our many guests say they’d experience ocellated turkey hunting no other way and we agree completely.

Our ocellated turkey hunting packages include free use of shotguns (12 gauge shotguns in excellent condition) as well as ammunition (typically something along the lines of lead Remington 2 3/4″ BB that is manufactured in Mexico). Additional ocellated turkeys and trophies are also available – gray brockett deer, coatimundi, Great Curassow, Crested Guan and javalina are also hunted with great success.


These ocellated turkey hunts operate late-March through early-May, when the males ocellated turkey singing peaks, and the best ocellated turkey hunting is possible.


5-day Ocellated Turkey Hunt and One (1) Ocellated Turkey: $3,600

Other Trophy Fees

  • 2nd Ocellated Turkey $1,200
  • Crested Guan $850
  • Greater Currasow $850
  • Coatimundi $850
  • Brocket Deer $1,000

Trophy fees paid to outfitter at camp.



Ocellated Turkey Hunting packages includes:

  • FIVE (5) days ocellated turkey hunt
  • Round-trip airport/hotel ground transfers
  • Licenses & permits for ocellated turkey hunting
  • Free use of 12 gauge shotgun and ammo
  • All meals and beverages
  • Excellent tent lodging
  • Professional hunting guide services, 1 guide per hunter
  • Professional trophy preparation
  • Airport greeting (pending arrival time)

Not Included

Not included in Ocellated Turkey Hunting packages:

  • Air transfers to Campeche
  • Extra Ocellated Turkeys or trophy animals
  • License $300 per extra turkey paid to outfitter in camp
  • Gratuities for guides and staff
  • Wine and liquor
  • Hotel in Merida or Campeche
  • Travel Protection Plan (Trip Insurance)




Day 1. Fly into Campeche City. If arriving on the 11 a.m. or 6 p.m. flights, you will be personally by the outfitter and driven to camp (hunters arriving at 11 a.m. will be met at about 1 p.m.). If arriving on the 11 p.m. flight you will overnight, be picked up at the hotel at about 1 p.m the following day, and then driven to camp. The drive to camp is about 3 hours.

Days 2 through 6. Ocellated turkey hunting.

Day 7. After a continental breakfast, guests are transfered to Campeche hotel or airport. There are 3 departing flights daily, and you can arrive in Campeche to make 11 a.m. or 6 p.m. flights.

Campeche is a beautiful town.  The historic downtown is surrounded by old Spanish fort walls from the bygone era that defending itself from pirates of the Caribbean was necessary.  The streets are filled with tourists, there are many great restaurants that specialize in seafood and other local specialties within easy walking distance of the Comfort Inn.  For guests that prefer to arrive a day early or stay an extra day, it’s a great place to do so.


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What To Bring

Below is a list of suggested to-bring items for Ocellated Turkey Hunting in Campeche, Mexico, garnered from years experience and client suggestions:

  • Ocellated turkey hunts are conducted in the jungles of Mexico's Yucatan PenisulaLightweight camoflage. Temperatures mid-April range from lows in the mid-70s to highs in the mid-90s. Light-weight, quick-dry camo is preferable.
  • Long sleeves and full pants.
  • Lightweight, ankle-high hiking boots. The topography is generally flat, but the soil is generally dry, hard-compacted and somewhat rocky.
  • Any woodland camo pattern will work because generally the cover is very heavy.
  • Mask and gloves.
  • A good, bright flashlight with fresh batteries, and headlamp for cap brim.
  • A thermacell. It’s rare that you’ll need it, but when you do you’ll be glad to have it.
  • Lightweight vest or equipment belt.
  • Camera field bag.
  • Shotgun sling, just in case.
  • Regional Bird ID book and binoculars
  • Satellite phone (if you absolutely must be connected)

*A What-to-Bring List is included with our customized Pre-Trip Plan.


Field Report

Ocellated turkey hunting deep in Mexico’s jungles is an immersive experience that’s everything a proper adventure should be and that no air-conditioned lodge will ever equal. From monkey’s swinging through the tree-tops over camps to jaguars roaring in the distance, this productive environment yields a surprisingly bountiful of harvest of wild games, as judged by game seen and brought to bear heavily on game pole daily – memories to last a lifetime. Seeing hunters hoist their first ocellated turkey, that sparkles like a precious gem even under the forest canopy, never gets old. During the most recent hosted ocellated turkey hunt trip, 6 clients harvested 11 ocellated turkeys, 2 trophy brocket deer and a curassow in only 3 short days. Having killed ocellateds before, I was content to go with a camera but managed a sapote-fattened javalina that we enjoyed for supper one night due to the camp cook’s expertise (and I’ll keep that recipe handy in upcoming hunting seasons). Among the many reasons to return again: shooting an ocellated turkey through the seemingly impenetrable forest proved far more difficult with a camera than with a gun – 30 feet is so close and yet so very far away.

Ramsey Russell, GetDucks.com, 601-214-9737

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More Info

Ocellated Turkey

Pavo ocellato completes the World Slam for most huntersThere are only two species of turkey in the world; the North American wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), divided into five distinct subspecies, and the ocellated turkey (Meleagris ocellata). The ocellated turkey is known by several different names that vary by Central American locale: pavo, pavo ocelado, or its Mayan Indian name, ucutz il chican. Very little research has been done on the ocellated and less is known about the ecology of this turkey than any of the five subspecies of North American wild turkeys, including the Gould’s. The National Wild Turkey Federation, in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Hornocker Wildlife Institute, helped sponsor the first research project to trap and place radio transmitters on ocellated turkeys in Guatemala in 1993. Much of the information provided in this bulletin is a result of this NWTF-sponsored study.

The ocellated turkey exists only in a 50,000 square mile area comprised of the Yucatan Peninsula range includes the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan, as well as parts of southern Tabasco and northeastern Chiapas.

The ocellated turkey is easily distinguished from its North American cousin in appearance. The body feathers of both male and female birds have a bronze-green iridescent color mixture, although females sometimes appear duller in color with more green than bronze pigments. Unlike North American turkeys, breast feathers of male and female ocellated turkeys do not differ and cannot be used to determine sex. Neither male nor female birds have a beard.

Tail feathers in both sexes are bluish-gray in color with a well defined, eye-shaped, blue-bronze colored spot near the end followed by bright gold tip. The tail feather spots are similar to those seen on peacock feathers which led some scientists to once believe the ocellated was more related to peafowl than turkeys. In fact, these spots helped give the ocellated its name, as the Latin word for eye is oculus.

The upper, major secondary wing coverts, or wing bar, are a rich copper color and highly iridescent. The barring on primary and secondary wing feathers is similar to North American turkeys, but the secondaries contain more white coloration, especially on the outer edges.

Both sexes have a blue-colored head and neck with distinctive orange to red, warty, caruncle-like growths, called nodules, but they are more pronounced on males. The head of the male also has a fleshy blue crown behind the snood which is adorned with yellow-orange nodules similar to those on the neck. During breeding season, this crown enlarges and the coloration of the nodules becomes more pronounced. Ocellated turkeys also have a distinct eye-ring of bright red colored skin, especially visible on adult males during the breeding season.Ocellated turkeys are prized for very long spurs

Legs of ocellated turkeys are shorter and thinner than North American wild turkeys and are deep red in color. Legs of adult males also have pronounced spurs; longer and more attenuated than those of North American gobblers. Spur lengths in males over 1 year old average at least 1.5 inches. Spurs longer than two inches have been recorded.

Ocellated turkeys are significantly smaller than any of the five subspecies of North American wild turkeys. Adult hens weigh approximately 8 pounds just prior to egg-laying and nesting and about 6-7 pounds the remainder of the year. During the breeding season adult males weigh approximately 11-12 pounds.

*Content courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation.

Customer Testimonials

ocellated turkey hunting in the jungle of an ancient Mayan civilization

GetDucks.com’s ocellated turkey hunting provided the wonderful experience to hunt in the jungle of an ancient Mayan civilization.  One of the most memorable Father-Son experiences Ryan and I have ever done.  I collected 2 ocellated turkeys. Ryan’s trophy ocellated turkey had spurs just over 2 inches long, and his brocket deer had nearly 6-inch antlers.  We’re going to have our ocellated turkeys mounted together in a habitat scene to memorialize the adventure.  GetDucks.com is an extremely professionally run company, and I was exceedingly pleased with the complete experience.

Bill Bassham

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ocellated turkey hunting and gould’s turkey hunting trip…planned out perfectly

Thanks to GetDucks.com I completed my turkey hunting World Slam with 2 ocellated turkeys and 2 Gould’s turkeys during a single trip. The turkey hunting was spectacular and all portions of the trip were planned out perfectly.  The jungle in Campeche was just so full of life it was hard to not see something new each day. The scenery in at the Durango ranch was unbelievable. The response times I got on phone calls and questions was well above average.  The pre-hunt organization and actual hunt were all you could ask for.  I really enjoyed the hosted hunt. When going to a foreign country I prefer to travel with someone with experience and GetDucks.com certainly has that.

Brian Bristow

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OCELLATED%20TURKEY%20HUNT_1527_250x312 GOULDS%20TURKEY_2195_250x312

ocellated turkey hunts were amazing – counting the days until I can make it back.

For me, it has always been more than just the hunting. It’s the overall experience that makes a lifelong memory and best satisfies the hunger of a hunter. The ocellated turkey hunts offered by GetDucks.com delivers on every important aspect of a successful hunt. My father and I enjoyed the turkey hunt of a lifetime together. Ancient Mayan ruins, authentic regional cuisine, hardworking and knowledgable camp staff, and incredible Yucatan hunting have me counting the days until I can make it back. I will host another lucky group of ocellated turkey hunters in April 2016.

Ryan Bassham, GetDucks.com Hunting Consultant, cell 214-926-5536

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brackettderrhuntocellated%20turkey_1488_240x300 ocellatedturkeyhunting_1807_375x300

GetDucks.com did what I expected, when I asked. Prompt and to the point, and I like the way I was treated. Thanks for a great ocellated turkey hunt.

Everything about my ocellated turkey hunt was great – the guides, food, lodging, hunting. I was surprised by how comfortable the beds were at our authentic jungle tent camp.  Seeing and hearing lots of ocellated turkeys is an experience I will remember forever, and the 2 ocellated turkeys I collected have exceptionally long spurs. I do not know how they could do much better.  GetDucks.com did what I expected, when I asked. Prompt and to the point, and I like the way I was treated.  Thanks for a great ocellated turkey hunt.

Roger Cook

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the “full jungle experience” of ocellated turkey hunting

Had a great time during my recent ocellated turkey hunt near Campeche, Mexico.  I got 2 nice ocellated turkey trophies and a Greater Currasow – luckily, in just 3 days.  The guides and trophy bird preparation were excellent.  I was not really expecting the “full jungle experience” of ocellated turkey hunting – there were alot of other wildlife to view and appreciate.  Binoculars and a good bird identification book are must-bring.  Jungle tent camp was comfortable and the food was good.  Left camp earlier than planned and was thankful for the convenient assistance of Cherie and Anita in making airline changes.  Thanks for arranging another great turkey hunting experience.

Joe Dodd

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