Guest Testimonials

First Duck Hunting Trip to Argentina Amazing

This has been our first duck hunting trip to Argentina and an amazing experience. We are in love with the hunting and especially staff  hospitality. Our shooting may have been off, but we are far from disappointed. The perdiz hunt was an absolute first for us both. We have loved the Argentina immersion experience. Muchas muchas gracias para todos!

Jeff and Renea Merriott

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Fun Argentina hunting trip!

A fun Argentina hunting trip! The perdiz hunting was especially good. A very good group to be with! I was able to fix some shotgun shooting issues. I will always remember the hospitable Argentinian people. Good luck for the future.

Frank Cox

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Argentina Duck Hunt Graduation Present

We would like to thank you for recommending your Las Flores Argentina duck hunting adventure. I have never been anywhere duck hunting outside the United States, I didn’t have a clue about booking a hunt. Your recommendation was spot on when I told you what we were looking for. My son and I have been looking forward to this for two and a half years. This Argentina duck hunt was his graduation present for high school. We’ve wondered if we would ever get to go, finally maybe we are over this craziness. Anyway it was worth the wait and amazing to spend a week together doing what we love. Once again Thanks. We will be back!

Clint Allen

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Great Argentina Duck Hunting Adventure

All the Rio Salado crew: This is a trip of many regrets–regret that covid delayed the trip two years. Regrets that I don’t speak Spanish so I so I could get to know you all so much better. Regret that I don’t have enough time to share more experiences with this group of hunters. A truly great bunch. A truly great Argentina duck hunting adventure.

Ian Munn

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Argentina duck hunt, unique and soul warming experience

Delayed for two years by external circumstances I finally made it here to the Rio Salado Argentina duck hunt, a really unique and soul warming experience. It is such pleasure to have the staff look after you from the early morning wake up to the duck hunts in different locations followed by a great company. Thank you all!

Jens Steenstrup

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Argentina Above and Beyond

Great time, awesome food and service. Above and beyond in regards to service. We’ll see you year after next. Kindest regards.

Rick Beilfus

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Rio Salado is truly a waterfowler’s paradise

Ramsey and Martha, I cannot express my gratitude for this Argentina duck hunting experience. To see and hunt in such an amazing Argentina wetland has been a hunting trip of a lifetime. Everything from start to finish has been top notch. The hunting exceeded my expectations. Rio Salado is truly a waterfowler’s paradise. Hunting guides that are real hunters like us adds to the experience, working hard for our success and celebrating when you do. I am forever grateful for the experience and the memories.

Jarrod Oezle

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AUTHENTIC Argentina duck hunting experience

After waiting two years to come here, I was super excited for this Argentina duck hunting adventure. Shoot wild ducks not bait. I love it this way. Ramsey, Martha and Anita were awesome. The hunting trip, the culture, the food, the people, the AUTHENTIC Argentina duck hunting experience. It has been 25 years since I shot a duck, yes I was very rusty. Thank you for the great experience.

Jack Thompson

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This Argentina duck hunt has been one hell of an experience

This Argentina duck hunt has been one hell of an experience. The sights, the sounds, but mainly the people made it for me. Martha is one of the best hosts I have ever experienced. She bent over backwards every day to make things as smooth and fun as possible. (She makes a mean salad too),  The food was great, the lodging where rustic but perfectly cozy. My one complaint is that Ramsey didn’t magically make me a better shot! Hopefully you guys didn’t ruin it duck hunting for me when I try another spot in the United States.

Hans Steenstrup

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Rio Salado Argentina duck hunting…a special place

Ramsey and Martha; words cannot say how much I enjoyed this Rio Salado Argentina duck hunting experience. This is a special place. I have enjoyed meeting everyone and making new friends who share the same love of hunting patos. Guide Jose was great and I could not ask for a better hunting companion. The chef and staff were amazing, food was extraordinary. Martha, we all were so grateful for all communication before and during the trip, all the help with plans changing, but most of all the amazing hospitality. Ramsey, I enjoyed meeting you, hearing your stories; sharing a ride to the blind and fireplace conversations. I hope to see you both again, if you are in Texas or Arkansas please look me up.
Wade Whitmore