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duck hunting in South Africa, couldn’t have asked for more

I have booked hunts with Ramsey Russell’s twice and have another hunt booked for February. The trips are well planned, from guides utilized to the lodging and meals. My latest was duck hunting in South Africa and I couldn’t have asked for more, we hunted 3 provinces to collect the most species possible and even had time to hunt plains game for a day.  I ended up collecting all but 2 waterfowl species, but got a bonus Nyala on the trip so I couldn’t be happier. The guides are on top of the paperwork needed to import birds into the USA, so that takes a lot of stress away.  Anita provides a precheck list which is also helpful and the trip itinerary are well thought out.  I cant wait for the next hunt with Ramsey.

 Mike Pestka

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duck hunt in south africa
Fun afternoon shoot after many days duck hunting South Africa for cherry-picked species.
duck hunt south africa
While duck hunting in South Africa, white-faced whistling ducks eluded Mike until the very last morning.

Nothing even close to this South Africa duck hunting adventure!


I hope this email finds you well. Beverly and I would like to thank you for the incredible memory we now have of our waterfowl hunting trip in South Africa. 

My South Africa wingshooting trip started by arriving at the airport with someone waiting for me to assist in getting me to the Africa Sky. It was very intimidating to be in a foreign country’s airport, but the anxiety disappeared quickly when I met our VIP host, Gilbert. After spending that night at Africa Sky overcoming my jet leg, Prudence greeted me in the courtyard letting me know they were ready to prepare lunch for me. I reviewed my itinerary to find out this was not part of my trip but was offered out of kindness. After my short stay at Africa Sky, our hunting trip was in full motion.

Everyday of the South Africa bird hunt was a new event. I spent the first few days just getting comfortable with the other hunters and Ramsey. While my main focus was harvesting as many species as possible, it was very interesting hearing the other hunters talk about their reasons for being on the hunt. We had a couple people focused on collecting species, the other people were excited about the volume of the hunt. I personally don’t think it is possible to strictly collect the various species and get the full African experience. Now that the trip has become one of my memories, I was really lucky Ramsey suggested the full 12-day version f this South Africa duck hunting adventure. I would have never experienced the enjoyment of feeding an African family with our harvest if had I purchased a shorter trip. I would not have seen the volume of ducks on our evening hunt had I only focused on collecting species. My most educational moments were traveling with Clayton into the African villages looking for our trophy ducks.  I spent 3 days meeting people to kill 4 ducks. It was the best 3 days I could have ever experienced.  I actually saw people retrieving their drinking water from a river.  It’s unbelievable the difference of my world compared to their world.

I would have never experienced the enjoyment of feeding an African family with our harvest if had I purchased a shorter trip. I would not have seen the volume of ducks on our evening hunt had I only focused on collecting species.

The opportunity to meet an African Chief, paying tips to get access to areas to hunt, paying off a policeman to prevent a speeding ticket, watching African women making mattresses out of local cane, seeing little kids cheering for us when we shot ducks, riding in boats made with branches.  Are you kidding me? All these experiences in a short 12-day South Africa bird hunting adventure!  This is a tribute to the time that y’all invested to create a hunting package that includes much more than a hunting trip. No one else out there is offering anything even close to this for a South Africa duck hunting adventure. After all these experiences, I returned to the B&B to meet my wife and spend 7 days experiencing the Safari and touring other areas of Africa.

We can wait for our next trip. We want to go to Australia for va

cation, then onto New Zealand for collecting more waterfowl species. Beverly and I are hoping you can help us figure out the best dates to take this trip so we can start planning now. 

I sincerely appreciate everything. 

Thank you

Roy Brocato

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duck hunt in south africa
Even serious trophy collectors enjoy fast-paced hunts as part of overall South Africa wingshooting adventure.
hottetot teal hunting South Africa
Hottentot Teal are among the prized species encountered during South Africa duck hunting trips.
There’s way more to South Africa duck hunting besides just pulling the trigger. Local communities are thankful for the food source.
pygmy goose hunt South Africa
South Africa duck hunting for pygmy geese is the ultimate.

THANK YOU! What a great Argentina duck hunting trip we had!!

argentina duck huntRamsey & Anita,

THANK YOU! What a great Argentina duck hunting trip we had at La Paz!!

I don’t even know where to start. The ducks were wild and plentiful. The doves were as many as you wanted. The Pigeons……..holy cow! Easily my new favorite!  Food was simply spectacular!

We didn’t have a single glitch.
We didn’t have down hunt.
We didn’t have a mediocre meal.
We didn’t have a bad gun.

On top of all of that………..ya’ll’s GetDucks team treated us like family! We loved every single minute!

When my boys are old enough to enjoy it – I will be back to La Paz to share that experience with them!!

Thank you.

Jimmy Thompson

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argentina duck hunting asado

I can’t say enough good things about Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt

Anita and Ramsey,

I’m a little slow giving you some feedback on the Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt my family and I recently got back from but I finally found some time to type you guys a quick email.

The resort was wonderful, the nonhunters enjoyed themselves immensely, the food, accommodations, staff, everything was great. The tour company was very helpful with everything from dinner reservations to filling out the paperwork to get the ducks we shot through customs.

The duck hunting was AMAZING, I have never seen that kind of numbers of ducks, I didn’t fire a shot for the first half-hour of the first day, I just sat there in awe of the sheer numbers of birds. My group shot limits everyday, fully feathered-out trophy birds, green-wings, blue-wings, shovelers, pintails , bluebills, black-bellied whistling ducks and the most wanted cinnamon teal. The guides and bird boys were a treat, even with the language barrier we laughed and joked and had a great time with them, truely a first class operation. I can’t say enough good things about this Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt and I have told a number of friends about it since returning, I hope by now they have contacted you to set up their hunts for next year.

It was a pleasure working with both of you on this trip, you always returned emails and calls quickly and got us all the info we needed to have an enjoyable trip.

Thank You.

Doug Lindemann

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very best morning of duck hunting I’ve experienced

This morning was the very best morning of duck hunting I’ve experienced. Better than past Argentina duck hunting trips in terms of shooting quantity, species variety, wild location and accommodating staff. My fiancée, Mallory, was dead-on. The ducks flew wonderfully. Thank you for sharing this amazing place and these great people with us. It was an experience we’ll remember forever.

Nick Gardener

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argentina duck hunting trips

La Paz Argentina duck-dove hunt fantastic trip with son

I’ve been to Argentina before and I’ll come again. The La Paz Argentina duck-dove hunt was a fantastic trip to take with my son, Thomas. We’ve done a lot together, but wingshooting at its best hit the bull’s-eye for his passions! Beautiful country, beautiful people, and wonderful shooting is the best. Top it off with outstanding food and hospitality and this La Paz trip is tops! So glad for all the long laughs with Michelle and Mcgehee. So thankful for Martha and the rest of the GetDucks crew. Be back soon!

Duncan Miller

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Argentina duck hunt La Paz Combo beyond anything could have asked

My son who is an avid duck hunter asked to go to Argentina. My husband and I decided an Argentina duck hunt would be the perfect college graduation present. I am blessed that Mcgehee has included me in all of his hunting endeavors, so Argentina here we come. We had no idea what to expect, but the people, hunting, food, and service at Argentina duck hunt La Paz Combo was beyond anything we could have asked for. The number of birds we saw, uniqueness in types of hunting and of course Martha, Martha, Martha will always be remembered. Mcgehee and I will also never forget the amazing food. I am sad to leave and can’t wait to be back. Amazing.

Michelle Porter

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La Paz Argentina bird hunt made true believer

Growing up I always heard the stories about bird hunting Argentina but never truly believed them. After the first 10 minutes into first La Paz Argentina bird hunt, I was a true believer. The amount of birds is outstanding. The quality of people and service even more so. The food, well let’s just say Mrs. Karen has got you covered. I will be dreaming of the great times and friendships I made here until I return. What a week!

Thomas Miller

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argentina bird hunt

Argentina Duck Hunt Combo La Paz experience was perfect

My mom and I hunted for 5 days in La Paz, Argentina.  We hunted duck, dove, pigeon and parakeets. Each hunt was as unique as the one before. Ramsey’s team was second to none, the food was world-class and the hunting was out of this world! Our Argentina Duck Hunt Combo La Paz experience was perfect! We cannot wait to do it again!

Mcgehee and Michelle Porter

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Argentina Duck Hunt Combo La Paz

Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunt trip of our dreams


Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunting

My husband, JD Staten, has always been an avid sportsman. When I say avid, I mean to the point of planning our wedding around hunting seasons. In his words, “February is the perfect wedding month, because it’s falls between duck season and turkey season.” So I should’ve known there was going to be a catch to his idea of honeymoon duck hunting in Mazatlan, Mexico! After seeing pictures of the resort, the city, and the beach, I was all in. Plus, since we started dating, he had gotten me pretty familiar with a 20-gauge shotgun, so I wasn’t against a little wingshooting in Mexico.

From the time that we arrived at the resort, everything exceeded our expectations. The resort staff was friendly and welcoming, and our room had incredible views with a balcony overlooking the water! Our first morning there, we were greeted by the guides in the lobby and headed out for our first duck hunt in Mexico. There were more ducks than I have ever seen and the guides went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. They provided me with my own 20-gauge so the recoil was not as bad, made sure I had plenty of bug spray, and a good dry seat for our hunts every morning. After each hunt, we were treated to flame-cooked burritos and an ice-cold Pacifico beer and were off to the beach!

We spent the rest of our afternoons enjoying each other and mango margaritas! Our nights consisted of fine dining at the resort or the beautiful Plaza Machado in historic Mazatlan. One of the most unique things we did was take a city tour in an Auriga, which provided us with beautiful views of the city, ocean, and lighthouse at sunset while listening to romantic music. To wrap things up, this Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunt was the trip of our dreams and we can’t wait to return to do it all again! From one lady to the next, if you and your husband are thinking about taking this trip, book it. You won’t regret it! Thanks Anita and Ramsey for taking such good care of us and providing us with a trip we will never forget!

Madison and JD Staten

Referenced hunt: Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunt

Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon duck hunting