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South Africa duck hunting combo was phenomenal

Wanted to let you know we had a great time hunting waterfowl in South Africa. All of you are very professional and truly great people. Could not have asked for a better South Africa duck hunting combo experience. The hunting was phenomenal and your company was even better. I plan on hunting again with you guys in the future. We are having a great time plains game hunting but I just wanted to reach out to you and let all you know we had a spectacular time. Best wishes for continued success. Cheers.

Louis Russell

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South Africa duck hunting

Argentina nothing less than perfect

Argentina was nothing less than perfect.  Now back in the summer in Denmark, I would like to say thanks for the amazing duck hunting combo trip to Argentina. I know it wasn’t meant to be La Paz, but now I realize how lucky I actually was, first of all traveling with a top-professional outfitter, who was able to find a solution when force majeure made it necessary, and secondly, during the hunt I realized that as a first-time wingshoot in South America, the combo duck hunt of La Paz was probably even more exciting for me. I had three unforgettable duck hunts, reaching the bag limit every day, taking five of the six occurring duck species and enjoying the horseback riding almost as much as the hunt. The upland bird hunt was also perfect, yielding five more species to the hungry journal and photo album I keep. The Picazuro is my new favourite pigeon!

And lastly, I met the nicest people, the locals, you Martha, who made all wishes come true and everything slide perfectly, Jim and Gary, who are just about as close to a married couple as it gets, and the guys on the new team – who has invited me on a wood duck hunt in North Carolina this next season! I had a 4th of July-party with Americans and the 9 de julio-celebration in Buenos Aires, living right on Avenida 9 de Julio! In short – a perfect hunting trip. I would love to go with you again soon!

Johannes Nicolaisen

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Great Week of Argentina Duck Hunting Adventure

Just finished a great week of Argentina duck hunting adventure at Rio Salado with Ramsey, Martha ,and the rest of the crew at Rio Salado. It was a dry year and the ducks didn’t cooperate every day but we had an amazing time. Great perdiz hunt and pigeon hunt. The accommodations and food were over the top.  The fellowship was great as well. We will definitely be back.
Adios for now!! Buenos días!!

John and Melissa Madden

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First Duck Hunting Trip to Argentina Amazing

This has been our first duck hunting trip to Argentina and an amazing experience. We are in love with the hunting and especially staff  hospitality. Our shooting may have been off, but we are far from disappointed. The perdiz hunt was an absolute first for us both. We have loved the Argentina immersion experience. Muchas muchas gracias para todos!

Jeff and Renea Merriott

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Fun Argentina hunting trip!

A fun Argentina hunting trip! The perdiz hunting was especially good. A very good group to be with! I was able to fix some shotgun shooting issues. I will always remember the hospitable Argentinian people. Good luck for the future.

Frank Cox

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Argentina Duck Hunt Graduation Present

We would like to thank you for recommending your Las Flores Argentina duck hunting adventure. I have never been anywhere duck hunting outside the United States, I didn’t have a clue about booking a hunt. Your recommendation was spot on when I told you what we were looking for. My son and I have been looking forward to this for two and a half years. This Argentina duck hunt was his graduation present for high school. We’ve wondered if we would ever get to go, finally maybe we are over this craziness. Anyway it was worth the wait and amazing to spend a week together doing what we love. Once again Thanks. We will be back!

Clint Allen

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Great Argentina Duck Hunting Adventure

All the Rio Salado crew: This is a trip of many regrets–regret that covid delayed the trip two years. Regrets that I don’t speak Spanish so I so I could get to know you all so much better. Regret that I don’t have enough time to share more experiences with this group of hunters. A truly great bunch. A truly great Argentina duck hunting adventure.

Ian Munn

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Argentina duck hunt, unique and soul warming experience

Delayed for two years by external circumstances I finally made it here to the Rio Salado Argentina duck hunt, a really unique and soul warming experience. It is such pleasure to have the staff look after you from the early morning wake up to the duck hunts in different locations followed by a great company. Thank you all!

Jens Steenstrup

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Argentina Above and Beyond

Great time, awesome food and service. Above and beyond in regards to service. We’ll see you year after next. Kindest regards.

Rick Beilfus

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Rio Salado is truly a waterfowler’s paradise

Ramsey and Martha, I cannot express my gratitude for this Argentina duck hunting experience. To see and hunt in such an amazing Argentina wetland has been a hunting trip of a lifetime. Everything from start to finish has been top notch. The hunting exceeded my expectations. Rio Salado is truly a waterfowler’s paradise. Hunting guides that are real hunters like us adds to the experience, working hard for our success and celebrating when you do. I am forever grateful for the experience and the memories.

Jarrod Oezle

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