Red Shoveler

Red Shoveler (Spatula platalea), like most in the Spatula genus, displays an outrageously large, long, and flat bill that is beneficial for foraging. This species has an all-jet-black bill that contrasts highly with their pale brown face and white irises. Red Shovelers have beautiful torso plumage that is light copper or a light rusty color that is speckled with moderately sized black spots. Yet another distinguishing characteristic is their pale blue marginal covert patches, followed by stark white secondary coverts, and iridescent green speculum that is partially outlined with black feathers. Red Shovelers also have bright orange legs and feet.  Female Red Shovelers do not look similar to males with their lighter gray bills, brown irises, and overall duller plumage. They also lack the sharp contrast from the head plumage to the body, as their heads and bodies are light brown with dark brown speckles.

Argentina Duck Hunting Red Shoveler