Ruddy Duck

A few iconic features of the Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis) are their stiff, upright, black tail while in the water, their bright blue bill (during breeding season), and a neck that is almost as wide as their head. The mid-section of the body is a ruddy brown during the breeding season. Their coverts are the same color as the body, the speculum is gray, and the primaries have brown on one side of the feather and gray on the other side. The drakes also display a black cap on top of the white plumage covering the rest of the bright white face. Females have the same general plumage on the head with dark gray crown. Remaining plumage is a lighter gray/brown. The characteristic bill on the hen ranges from a muted blue to a slate gray coloring. During The North American duck season, ruddy ducks are best described as drab brown stiff-tailed ducks.