Mexico duck hunting in Mazatlan is not just about the ducks…

mazatlan%20duck%20hunting%20mexico%2097050_188x250Big thanks to, as well as our significant others, for a terrific Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting trip!  Mazatlan is not just about the ducks – we spent the afternoons with our wonderful wives and had a blast!

The food is excellent and very inexpensive! Shrimp and spiny lobster are in big supply and available at every restaurant. The view isn’t too shabby either!

There is so much to do there sight seeing, shopping & other silly stuff that girls wanted to do.  We didn’t even touch the amazing fishery available!

Darren Brooks,

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Thanks to client, Darren Brooks, for sharing photos and video from his Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting trip!