ocellated turkey hunting and gould’s turkey hunting trip…planned out perfectly

Thanks to GetDucks.com I completed my turkey hunting World Slam with 2 ocellated turkeys and 2 Gould’s turkeys during a single trip. The turkey hunting was spectacular and all portions of the trip were planned out perfectly.  The jungle in Campeche was just so full of life it was hard to not see something new each day. The scenery in at the Durango ranch was unbelievable. The response times I got on phone calls and questions was well above average.  The pre-hunt organization and actual hunt were all you could ask for.  I really enjoyed the hosted hunt. When going to a foreign country I prefer to travel with someone with experience and GetDucks.com certainly has that.

Brian Bristow

Referenced hunts: Ocellated Turkey Hunt, Gould’s Turkey Hunt

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