South Africa Duck Hunt is a trip of a lifetime

Making a hunting trip to the Dark Continent has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. The opportunity to share my first African experience with Ramsey made the trip that much more memorable. I was blessed to be able to chase almost all the bird species available across 3 provinces and 4 camps plus spend a week in Limpopo hunting South Africa plains game. All the outfitters and PHs that we spent so much time with were professional and enjoyable. The South Africa Duck Hunt is a trip of a lifetime, and it ignited my desire to make it the first of numerous trips of a lifetime to Africa.

Garrett Bowman 

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South Africa duck hunt pygmy goose
South Africa duck hunting adventure for Africa pygmy goose.
South Africa duck hunting combo trip
Beautiful Ayala taken during South Africa duck hunting combo trip.
south africa duck hunt
White-face whistling duck among 16 total South Africa waterfowl species.
South Africa duck hunt hottentot teal
Hottentot Teal taken by Garrett while duck hunting South Africa.