Swans are North America's largest waterfowl species, but how is hunting important to swan conservation?

swan hunting

Swans may be hunted with lottery-style or over-the-counter permits in 10 states throughout the US. In most cases, hunting swans boils down to the trigger pull on a single majestic bird, but there’s more to the story. Way more. Formerly protected for decades, shooting North America’s largest waterfowl species is sometimes misunderstood by hunters and non-hunters alike, but as this video demonstrates, swan hunting epitomizes the role of waterfowl hunters as conservationist. Here’s why. Join GetDucks.com’s Ramsey Russell as he hunts Tundra Swans in Utah’s Great Salt Lakes wetlands, explaining why modern-day US swan hunting originated in Utah and proving again that you don’t always have to go halfway around the world to experience something special.

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