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New England Sea Duck Hunting

winthrop_boat_ramp_sm2.jpgThis New England Sea Duck Hunting Package is for perfect avid waterfowlers wanting to experience an exciting change of scenery, as well as waterfowl collectors or taxidermists seeking trophies from along the Eastern Seaboard.   Hunts take place in and around Boston Harbor, in Massachusetts.

Enjoy an eventful morning getting just the right sea duck, and take in the Boston skyline, the lift-off of planes from Logan International Airport, and the varied harbor islands, each with their own character and history.  You will hunt from the shores of some of these islands, depending on specimens desired and weather conditions.  These rocky outcroppings, known locally as “The Five Sisters” and “The Breakwater,” offer the perfect early morning vantage point for sea ducks as they come into decoys.

a_good_day2_sm.jpgUnlike many guided duck hunts elsewhere, guests are provided with satisfying full-day New England duck hunting.  Morning hunts are usually 1/2 hour before sunrise until you have the birds for which you are looking, and usually end between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  Following lunch in a local restaurant, you’ll spend the afternoon in some of the inlets, creeks, and marshes for inshore hunting, or sometimes “up close and personal” jump-shooting, for a variety of waterfowl.  Afternoon hunts plans will be determined by tides and weather conditions.

As a licensed Coast Guard Captain with more than 30 years of experience as captain of deep water or inshore fishing vessels, your host has keen knowledge of Atlantic weather patterns navigating and the rocky coastline of New England.  For 15 years he has been a professional sea duck hunter specialized in the trophy waterfowl quests of hunters from throughout North America. Expect to shoot Common Eider, Surf Scoter, White-winged Scoter, Atlantic Brant, mergansers, American Black Duck and 7 additional species of puddle ducks. Canada Geese are always an option.

duck_shot_at_sm.jpgEach day, all birds will be inspected and keepers tagged and frozen.   Set a date for receiving and trophies will be shipped in special insulated containers.  They may also be shipped directly to the taxidermist.  This method of transport has been successfully used for several years and is most convenient for hunters traveling via commercial flight.  The bagging, freezing, shipping container, and labor is all included in hunt package cost.

A local Marriott Hotel provides accommodations at special rates and hunting guests enjoy a very early breakfast buffet each morning before their scheduled hunt departure.  This New England Sea Duck Hunting service is fully equipped with decoys, comfortable boats and blinds.  Your experienced host will work very hard to make each hunt perfect.  All of your birds are retrieved, but please feel free to bring your own dog.  Parties of 5-7 hunters per day are accommodated.


Massachusetts sea duck hunting late-November through mid- to late-January. Colder the better!


$1,200 for 3-day (morning-afternoon) New England Sea Duck Hunting.  Sea duck hunts (morning) and backwater estuaries for divers, dabblers and geese (afternoons).

Note: Minimum 5 hunters per group after November 15th.


New England Sea Duck Hunting Package includes unlimited shells and lunch each day of your hunt.  Bird processing and insulated shipping containers are also included in the rate.  Cost of shipping is not included.

Not Included

New England Sea Duck Hunting Package does not include necessary license and stamps (Massachusetts and Federal), hotel lodging, dinner, shipment of birds, air or ground transfers.  Licenses may be purchased online, refer to Sporting Resources Travel page.

What To Bring

459.jpgIn planning your trip to hunt sea ducks in Massachusetts, remember that the New England weather can be unpredictably cold, snowy, and windy, especially in open coastal waters. Depending on dates booked, temperatures can vary from seasonally cool to downright frigid, to say the least. Plan your outerwear accordingly.

The goal is to not miss days hunting due to weather extremes. Understand that if the wind renders the conditions unsafe, your host reserves the right to continue the hunt at their discretion depending on whether the hunt can be completed safely.

Customer Testimonials

New England sea duck hunting was great! I’ll never, ever forget the thrill of my first Eider Drake coming into the decoys in the middle of a nor’eastern blowing gale force with snowflakes the size of golf balls! Y’all’s hospitality is unequalled and we found comfort in knowing that the outfitter had been thoroughly proofed by when booking this trip.

New England sea duck hunting was great! The captain was very informative, had everything planned and also was a great tour guide.  I’ll never, ever forget the thrill of my first Eider Drake coming into the decoys in the middle of a nor’eastern blowing gale force with snowflakes the size of golf balls! Y’all’s hospitality is unequalled and we found comfort in knowing that the outfitter had been thoroughly proofed by when booking this trip.  Thanks.

Len Vaughn

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guided eider hunting

Eider hunting in Massachusetts was good hunting, great guide, excellent local food and easy travel.

“Eider hunting in Massachusetts was good hunting, great guide, excellent local food and easy travel.  It was the perfect duck hunting trip for spending time with Dad.  Easy hunt for him and ample amounts of birds.”

- Stephen Shepherd

Referenced Hunt: New England Eider Hunting

Unique hunt and an outstanding guide. Rates in the top 5 all-time hunts for me, and I hunt alot.

“A unique hunt and an outstanding guide. The Captain works very hard for his hunters and delivers safe, very successful hunts. You can’t beat the first morning sunrise!  Rates in the top 5 all-time hunts for me, and I hunt alot.”

- Tim Atchison

Referenced Hunt: Sea Duck Hunting in New England

Outstanding and highly recommended. Eider hunting was one of the most enjoyable and challenging duck hunting experiences I have had.

“Outstanding and highly recommended. Eider hunting was one of the most enjoyable and challenging duck hunting experiences I have had.  Shooting trophy drake and hen eiders, and doubling on a decoying pair are fond memories.”

- Dan Shepherd

Referenced Hunt: Eider Hunting in New  England

Awesome trip – we’re already trying to figure out where we want to go next! Shot all sea duck species we went for, and the Captain worked as hard as I have ever had a guide work to try to make the hunt successful.

“New hunting area and style, with different species, the Captain worked as hard as I have ever had a guide work to try to make the hunt successful.  The weather the last days was ROUGH to say the least! We didn’t ever shoot a full group limit any of the 3 days, but shot the sea duck species we wanted.  I went for the chance to harvest 7 new species that we don’t get anywhere near Texas. I got all of them except the American Black Duck which wasn’t in season. I shot Common Eider, Oldsquaw, Atlantic Brant, White-winged Scoter, Surf Scoter, and a Black Scoter that the Captain was the rarest bird they get in that area.  All Species were big mature drakes.  Awesome hunt – we’re already trying to figure out where we want to go next!

Cory Smith

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Excellent hunting and the birds cooperated. The eiders and scoters were absolutely beautiful, cant wait to get them over to taxidermist. Anita’s sight-seeing recommendations worked great! Recommend this trip to others.

“We had a wonderful time Massachusetts Sea Duck Hunting.  We had excellent hunting weather and the birds cooperated pretty good.  We didn’t have too many chances on the Oldsquaws, but managed 2.  The Eiders and Scoters we got though were absolutely beautiful and we cant wait to get them over to taxidermist Pat Pitt.  Anita’s sight-seeing recommendations worked great.  The Supertour is the best thing going if your in for a short trip like us.  We were able to see the entire city in a day with a guided tour and the rate is very reasonable.  We also took a day trip to Rockport.  It is a cool little fishing village and a town with great scenery and friendly folks.  I attached a couple of pics from the hunts. It was a great trip. More than a hunting trip, there were new sights and food. Recommend this trip to others and have already done so. Thanks again.”

Bryan Clark

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Eider hunt not just a trip but an adventure

IMG_2749_262x350Great eider hunting guide in Massachusetts that goes out of his way to make it not just a trip but an experience. From day one dropping us off on a pile of rocks not much bigger than your average backyard shed to working his butt off in rough conditions to produce good sea duck hunting. This trip was definitely an experience –  banded drake eider, blackduck, and an old squaw all in one trip. Trophies aside, the seaduck hunting adventure was something else.

We were way out of our element. The trophies and experiencing an entirely new way of hunting with the Boston skyline in the background. I could not be more pleased with the trip.  The captain does a lot to make your hunt easy and make sure you enjoy it. Little touches like leaving a gun cleaning kit at the hotel front desk, providing ammo, buying lunch at local restaurants, and packaging your trophies for shipping.

This old captain has some stories to tell, goes out of his way to make sure you get what you want and have a good time. Big thanks to Ramsey Russell at

Ronnie Johnson

Referenced hunt: Eider hunting in Massachusetts

definite bucket list hunt

New England (Massachusetts) sea duck hunting trip was definite bucket list hunt for me and it exceed my expectations. Tons of ducks of every kind everywhere – and we are the only ones hunting them. This place is so foreign to any type of hunting that we encounter at home that I’m still amazed. This area is the Captain’s backyard and he has many stories to tell. I dont think there is a tactic he hasnt employed to get after sea duck. Top notch!

Bill Shepard

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the perfect choices

Our sea duck hunting near Boston, Massachusetts was excellent.’s communications were as expected, the location and guide were the perfect choices, and having a quality go-to for what we were looking for was convenient. Guide professionalism was top-notch, the locations are great, the price is right and client safety is without question. No issues with the hunting location, accommodations, guide or food. Our opportunities were limited due to weather (out of your control), but the food, fellowship and guide were what we enjoyed the most. I will definitely point folks in the direction of Ramsey Russell’s

Blayne Estes

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lots of fun and plenty of birds

Regarding our recent trophy eider duck hunting trip in Massachusetts, we are happy to report excellent guide, lots of fun and plenty of birds in the area. Eider hunting from the rocks was most enjoyable. provided quick and accurate communications. They knew what we needed and provided it.

Tim Rost

Referenced hunt: Eider Hunting Massachusetts

eiderhunting_0109141_500x373 one of the best booking agents I have ever used

Over the years I have hunted ducks all over the US, Canada and Argentina. I have also been on several big games hunts in the US, Canada, Africa and Argentina. I have had some great outfitters, a few average outfitters and even a few poor outfitters over the years.  I have had enough experiences to tell when an agent knows his business and really cares about his clients. This leads me to our sea duck hunt in Massachusetts we went on in January of 2014.  Ramsey Russell and is one of the best booking agents I have ever used. They knew everything about the hunts they offered, where to send us for our needs and what to expect.  This was a hunt with my partner and our sons and it could not have been a better experience. One issue we encountered was with obtaining youth hunting licenses and Ramsey called me back on a Sunday and not only told us what to do, but had tracked down the store and driving directions for us. Problem solved!

The actual outfitter in Boston was everything Ramsey had said and only had good things to say about  I agree! I recommend the expertise and knowledge of Russell Ramsey and to anyone. He has done the leg work. Listen to his advice and enjoy. Thanks Ramsey.

Tim Rost

Referenced Hunt: New England Sea Duck Hunt in Massachusetts


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