Ramsey Russell Get Ducks

Ramsey Russell Get DucksRealizing that there is duck season open in some part of the world every day of the year, Ramsey Russell began exploring different locations far and near that could be accessed and hunted.  His online booking business, GetDucks.com, begun in 2003, gained momentum as he traveled to Argentina and Canada setting up hunts.  Soon he and his wife realized that between his federal government job, his consulting business, and coordinating hunting trips, there were not enough hours in the day, a decision and a path forward had to be made.  It wasn’t easy to leave a government job with all the benefits and security, but Ramsey felt a calling, felt it was fate that he may have this opportunity, and in 2010 he turned in his resignation papers and jumped full time into exploring and setting up waterfowl hunting adventure trips all over the world.

He has been able to set up trips to places heretofore unknown to the hunting and sporting community.  Places like Azerbaijan, Peru, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Argentina, among others, are exotic and lucrative locations where Ramsey pre-hunts, sets up, and then sometimes hosts hunts.  He has hunted on six continents and spends almost 225 days a year pursuing his passion.

Ramsey Russell is living the life of his dreams. He travels the world immersing himself in different and varied cultures meeting people from all walks of life, centered around a common love of wild fowling. He attributes his chance to be part of bringing a shared sporting opportunity to thousands of people to fate and responding to what God laid before him. In an article by Brian Broome in USA Today (Hunting Around the World), Ramsey states, “I almost died. You can’t take life for granted. You’re one breathe away from not having it. I learned that at too young of an age. Life is about living, not just doing. It made me very thirsty to live life at its fullest. It’s a mighty big world, but I’m going to see it.”

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