redheadRedheads (Aythya americana) have ruddy red heads with bright, yellow eyes. Drake redheads have gray and white vermiculated plumage along their backs and white underbellies. Hens are mostly gray brown in color, with a white chin, small eye patch, and belly. Drakes have blue gray bills topped with black, and females display a slightly darker version. Both sexes display mostly brown wings that contrasts with the light gray secondaries and primaries. Hen redheads and ring-necked ducks look very similar. Both have dark upper wings, with redheads usually expressing slightly more vermiculation. In flight, redheads are characterized as fast fliers with shallow wingbeats.  While hen redhead raspy kwaks are infrequenty vocalized, drake redheads can be identified by their typical wheezy feline-sounding weeouh and rolling rrrrrrr calls. Like most diving ducks, they decoy well. Use the growling rrrrrr when calling to them.