WATERFOWL HUNTING: THE ARGUMENT FOR PLAN B (Argentina duck hunting Rio Salado)

argentina duck huntingArgentina duck hunting at Rio Salado consists of pure, unbaited, old school duck hunting in a remote 74,000 acre paradise of a wetland.  It’s one of the very best-remaining high-volume Argentina duck hunts, but it’s real duck hunting. And as the following story attests, waterfowl hunting basics apply:

The Argentine sun gently bathes the wetland in soft, orange light, revealing quality waterfowl habitat in all directions, most of it full of birds: several thousand rosybill pochard, five species of colorful teal, white-cheeked and yellow-billed pintails, and red shovelers.

This is the real reason to visit Argentina—­for the unique and diverse species. But I’m also here for the country’s promise of high-volume shooting, which is why I am surprised when, on my first morning, I do not fire a single shell.

If the remainder of my Argentina duck hunting is to be salvaged it will require adjustment, and a reliance on a few waterfowl basics that don’t change according to hemisphere.

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