Guided Argentina Hunts

Argentina hunting is the substance of dreams. From gourmet food and luxury accommodations to some the very best wing-shooting on the face of the earth: the duck hunts, dove hunts, pigeon hunts and perdiz hunts proudly represented by are without question the very best Argentina hunting experiences available.


Argentina Duck Hunts

Argentina Duck Hunting? The Perfect Combination of Luxurious Lodging, Consistent Shooting, Liberal Limits

Argentina Duck Hunting AdlrArgentina duck hunting is deemed foremost In the world for good reason: for the perfect combination of luxurious lodging, consistent shooting and liberal duck limits, Argentina is unrivaled.

Join us for the duck hunt of your lifetime at Argentina venues that harken the Golden Age of American waterfowling.  Argentina duck hunting only at it's utmost best is represented at  Not the most expensive, but the best duck hunting in Argentina that is available - the perfect hunting trip for anyone.

It's too far too travel for anything less.  Ready to pull the trigger?


Argentina Dove Hunts

Argentina Dove Hunting: Where Dreams Become Reality, and Barrels Nearly Melt

Cordoba Argentina Dove Hunting 3213Argentina dove hunting is better experienced than heard about. Gorgeous, untouched landscape featuring lovely vistas. Moderate, comfortable climate. Agricultural grain fields stretching to the horizons. Extensive culture, hospitable people. Memorable cuisine, famous Argentinean wines, luxury lodging. And more doves than you've ever seen, more doves than you've ever even imagined possible. It's not Heaven, but close. Welcome to Cordoba, Argentina - where dreams are lived and barrels are nearly melted.


Argentina Pigeon Hunts

High-Volume Argentina Pigeon Hunt Is the Real Deal

mf_2010_051-315.jpgArgentina pigeon hunting over decoys is the favorite of shotgunners. Cordoba is considered one of the best pigeon hunting capitals of the world. Argentina pigeon hunting is the favorite among experienced, travelling wingshooters.  Decoying pigeons compliment high-volume doves nicely.  For hunters that want to enjoy the full spectrum of Argentina wingshooting - Argentina pigeon hunting AND Argentina dove hunting - all hunt itineraries can be customized.


Argentina Perdiz Hunt

Thrilling Flushes Over Picture-perfect Points

uruguayperdiz4Argentina perdiz hunting is available through many of our Argentina duck hunting combo offerings.  In Argentina, perdiz literally translates to "partridge", a bird slightly larger than North American quail that holds very well for pointing dogs. Argentina perdiz hunts involve leisurely strolling in low, maybe ankle-high, cover. Stylish, European-bred setters or English pointers hold perdiz with staunch, picture-perfect points every time.

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