Oklahoma Duck Hunt Combo

Oklahomaquail3Special Note - Due to the severity of summer drought in Oklahoma, and the paucity of covies pursuant to fall scouting, we are not accepting quail-only hunting guests.

These Oklahoma duck hunts take place on small tanks and sloughs nestled among 35,000 acres of northwest Oklahoma. Each morning duck hunt is fully-guided by experienced guides dedicated to your enjoyable stay and combines with Oklahoma quail hunting package. Morning duck hunts last 1-2 hours and precede wild, western bobwhite quail hunting.

Guests are lodged in a cozy farmhouse that feels like camp away from home.  Expect good, home-cooked meals, and the feeling of being among family and friends.  This experience is the perfect environment for small groups that want to spend quality time hunting ducks and wild quail in some beautiful country. There's plenty of dog power in the kennels, or you're invited to hunt your own.

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Usually late-October through early December, and mid-December through late-January.  Oklahoma duck hunts may be combined with Oklahoma quail hunts during this time frame.



Oklahoma quail hunt and duck hunt combo package $450/day.  Number of days may be customized.


What to Bring

Shooting glasses are recommended. They protect your eyes from brush, accidents and, depending on the color, can enable you to detect the bird faster. 

Bring a quality shears or scissors to clean birds. Bring plastic bags and an ice chest for transporting birds home.

Oklahoma Quail Hunting:

Be prepared to dress in layers. It may be windy, wet, warmer or colder. You may be pushing or blocking. Consult the weather forecast for Woodward, Oklahoma, before departing from home.

  • Protective eyewear
  • Brush pants
  • Orange cap and vest
  • Shell vest or shell belt
  • Thermal underwear
  • Well broken-in boots or waterproof boots
  • Wool or leather shooting gloves
  • Warm, long-sleeved shirt
  • Rain gear
  • Camera/Film/Batteries/Chargers/Etc.
  • Heavy coat if in cooler months

 Oklahoma Duck Hunting:

  • Above Marked Items - and -
  • State and Federal waterfowl stamps
  • Wool socks
  • Insulated boots
  • Camouflage insulated hat
  • Insulated gloves
  • Camouflage insulated coat and bibs
  • Ammunition: recommend steel 2 or BB, Hevishot 4 or 2, or equivalent


  • Ice chest and duct tape for transport of frozen game (head or wing must remain attached to waterfowl while being transported)
  • Locked gun case for airline flights (shotshells must be packed separately and in their original container)
  • Gun sleeves for daily transport
  • Chapstick, prescriptions, shaving kit, etc.
  • Casual clothes and house shoes



More Info:

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Oklahoma Hunting Regulations

Oklahoma Quail & Duck Hunting Checklist


Hunting license requirements - Oklahoma Duck Hunting:

  • NR 5 Day Hunting License (not valid for deer hunting)
  • Waterfowl (if waterfowl hunting in Oklahoma)
  • HIP (if waterfowl hunting in Oklahoma)
  • Federal Duck Stamp (if waterfowl hunting in Oklahoma)

Oklahoma hunting licenses are available OTC within a couple miles of the lodge, or online preceding your Oklahoma duck hunt.  Federal Duck Stamps are not easily available.  If duck hunting in Oklahoma, please bring your Federal Duck Stamp.


Other useful information is found at our Sporting Travel Resources  page.







  • Lodging
  • Meals (breakfast & dinner)
  • Guide
  • Daily transportation to duck hunting areas
  • Use of kennels 

Bag Limits: The daily bag limit for ducks is six.  The daily bag limit may include no more than:  Five mallards (only two may be hens), three wood ducks, two redheads, two scaup, one pintail, and one canvasback.  

Possession Limits: The possession limit after the first day of hunting is two times the daily bag limit  for ducks, mergansers and coots.

Shooting Hours: One-half hour before official sunrise to official sunset.



Not Included

  • License & Stamps
  • Personal Affects
  • Bird Processing & Packing 
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