Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Manitoba Canada

ManitobasnowgooseJoin us in Manitoba Canada for some of the finest decoying snow goose hunting you're ever likely to experience.  Tired of chasing those high-pressured snow geese in the Lower-48 and shooting nose-bleed high birds with triple-B's?  Then it's time to hunt them over small mobile spreads of high-quality full bodies, or light and compact silo-socks where steel 2's, or even 4's, perfectly get the job done. 

As featured on Berretta's Waterfowler's Edge, this Canada spring snow goose hunt is the perfect destination from mid-April to mid-May: go back to the other side of the flyway! 

Follow your guide to the carefully-scouted, snow goose hunting location where you will be involved in the morning's ritual of setting up goose decoys and putting the finishing touches on the layout blinds. It's not a complicated process, spreads are usually 300-400 decoys and easily deployed within 15 minutes.  You will be spring goose hunting over the very best decoys in the industry: we use Greenhead Gear motion full bodies, Final Approach Last Pass fullbodies, or silosocks depending on the conditions. 

We also use a high tech e-caller with digitally recorded live snow geese.  Your hunt will be fully guided.  Ross' geese are not lawfully taken in Manitoba during the spring snow goose hunts (until 2014) - but don't worry, we'll have the birds close enough for you to tell the difference between them and the larger snow geese! 

Bring boots and gear that are appropriate for the mud, because it may get muddy during our spring thaw.  If needed, we'll break in the field for a snack that your guide will provide. Spring Snow Goose hunts typically will run until limits are achieved or about 5:00 p.m., whichever comes first. The snow goose decoys will then be picked up and we will drive back to the hotel for dinner and relaxation. These hunts produce beautiful snow and blue trophies for your game room and occur during a time that waterfowl hunting cannot be had elsewhere in North America. 

Our Manitoba spring snow goose hunts are typically conducted out of 2 camps to ensure that guests stay under migrating snow geese.  The south camp usually runs April 1-15 and is located a scant just north of Devil's Lake, ND, in the major migration corridor.  South camp spring snow goose hunts usually involve stationary spreads of full body decoys.  When the snow goose migration is at its peak, limits can be achieved before lunch, but when the clouds are low and the winds are from the northwest, it could be an all day affair of tough hunting. 

Our north cam for spring snow goose hunting in Manitoba consists of hunting small, docile flocks of Hudson Bay birds that have settled into the barley fields and are awaiting the perfect timing for their last leg of the spring migration.  These hunts typically occur the latter half of April through mid-May, and can produce magical experiences of small family groups coming into the decoy spread in waves. 

These hunts are typically conducted over small spreads of silo socks.  It's not uncommon to finish limits by mid-morning.  In May, your spring snow goose hunts may also be combined with outstanding lake fishing for trophy trout.



Spring snow goose hunting in Manitoba Canada: April 1 through mid-May.  Two camps ensure being located under the flight.



$1,200 plus 5% GST standard 3-day spring snow goose hunting Manitoba Canada. 

$1,500 plus 5% GST standard 3-day spring snow goose hunting Manitoba Canada (includes meals).


More Info:

Game Bird License Info - Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Manitoba Canada

A Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit, a Manitoba Game Bird Licence and a Wildlife Habitat Certificate are required for hunting snow geese in Manitoba, Canada. These are not included in your Manitoba Canada snow goose hunting package, but can be purchased locally after your arrival.  Approximate costs is $130.


Bird Limits - Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Manitoba Canada

  • Light geese: 20 per day
  • Light geese possession limit 80



Retriever Policy - Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Manitoba Canada

Properly trained retrievers are always welcome, but they must be well managed so as not to negatively impact the hunting.


Bird Processing - Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Manitoba Canada

Bird Cleaning is not included in the cost of the Manitoba Canada Snow Goose Hunting package. Per-bird cleaning costs may apply.

Birds may be breasted or picked. We strongly suggest bringing ice chests large enough to ensure proper care of birds.  Ice chests may be purchased in Winnipeg following your arrival.

USFWS statutes regarding transportation of migratory game birds are carefully followed: 

  • All sport-taken migratory birds imported into the US via Canada must have 1 fully feathered wing attached to the carcass.  No other types or forms of migratory birds will be allowed into the US, no sausage or processed meat.
  • All imports into the US of sport-taken migratory birds may only be imported by the person who hunted them. A hunter cannot give the birds to another person to take into the US on their behalf.
  • Birds, geese, or cranes intended for taxidermy can only be imported into the US when accompanied by a US migratory bird import/export permit.
  • All illegal birds and/or meat is subject to seizure and fines.


Contact us for more information about spring snow goose hunting in Manitoba Canada.



Spring snow goose hunting Manitoba Canada: Package includes 3-days hunting (fully guided), lodging and meals (snacks in field and restaurant or camphouse dinner), scouting, custom e-callers, high-quality decoys, blinds, and equipment.


Not Included

Not included in Manitoba Canada snow goose hunting packages are bird cleaning, license and stamps, voluntary gratuities, airport transfers, car rental, or Winnipeg dining and lodging.

Manitoba Canada Snow Goose hunting license and stamps cost as follows:

  • Manitoba Canada Game Bird License $155.00 Canadian
  • Canada Migratory Bird Stamp $17.85 Canadian

Licenses purchase for spring snow goose hunting in Canada are valid the following fall season.



Fly into Winnipeg the day preceding reserved Manitoba Canada Spring Snow Goose Hunting dates. Rent car and drive about 2.75 hours to lodge.  Lodge check-in is 4 pm.  Depart around noon following your last day's hunt.


What to Bring

The following is suggested for spring snow goose hunting in Manitoba Canada:

  • Waders or hip boots, warm camo clothing, face masks. Because weather conditions are diverse, prepare to dress in layers.
  • Foul weather gear and field bag
  • Shotgun (12 gauge minimum recommended) choked imp cylinder or mod, and gun cleaning supplies
  • Non-toxic shot (2's or  BB recommended)
  • Ice chests
  • Obedient retrievers welcome (for your group)


Canada Snow Goose Hunting Checklist © (PDF)


Spring Snow Goose Hunting Video

Join Beretta Waterfowler's Edge on spring snow goose hunt in Manitoba, Canada.  View more waterfowl hunting videos at GetDucks.com Wingshooting Video Gallery




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