Ramsey Russell Podcast Appearances

Ramsey Russell Podcast Appearances

Ramsey Russell PodcastsRamsey Russell Podcast Appearances. Founder of GetDucks.com Ramsey Russell appears on various podcasts where he discusses a wide range of topics related to international duck hunting, shares insights gleaned from a  2 decades-long journey in worldwide duck hunting that has taken his company to an unprecedented level in worldwide waterfowl hunting adventures. He also shares his very personal story at times. During the 2 decades since inception, GetDucks has definitively become the number-one source for the Best Duck Hunting Adventures on Earth. But is has also become a foremost repository of waterfowl information, photos, videos and especially stories.

Storytelling is second nature to Ramsey Russell. During the past couple decades, he has duck hunted 6 continents, bagging over 10-dozen waterfowl subspecies, often traveling over 200 days annually. He’s met some very interesting people along the way, experienced unique cultures. He’s gained unique perspectives and valuable insights about duck hunting, duck hunters, hunting techniques, waterfowl species and habitat.


Ramsey Russell, Backwoods Grind Coffee Podcast

Backwoods Grind Coffee

Fellow Mississippian and GetDucks.com founder, Ramsey Russell stopped by the Backwoods Grind Coffee shop for some dark roasted caffeinated goodness and recorded a podcast! This episode is packed with duck hunting stories, tales of the waterfowling adventures, and starting a guiding service in the early days of the internet. We had a blast recording this one. Hope you enjoy it too! If you want to hear more Ramsey Russell stories, check out his podcast, Duck Season Somewhere podcast or follow him on instagram @ramseyrussellgetducks.

Thanks, Ramsey, for stopping by! We’re already looking forward to our next visit. Check out GetDucks.com, your one-stop shop for world-class duck hunting adventures.

This podcast is brought to you by Backwoods Grind Coffee Company, Coffee for Those That Work Hard and Hunt Harder! Snag a bag today at backwoodsgrind.com!

Ramsey Russell, Duck Hunting is More Than Just Ducks

Ramsey Russell podcast
If you’ve not yet heard of Ramsey Russell and you’re a duck hunter, you’re missing out. Ramsey owns and operates GetDucks.com, the premier source for “The Best Duck Hunting Adventures on Earth,” plus an immense repository of waterfowl hunting-related information, photos, videos, but especially stories. Recording a podcast with Ramsey Russell was an absolute pleasure. His down to earth personality, coupled with his masterful storytelling and deep all-things-ducks knowledge make this a can’t miss episode. Ramsey has a genuine passion for the history and traditions of waterfowling. His waterfowl hunting experiences span the globe, giving him a unique perspective on what hunting ducks is truly about here in the United States and worldwide. At the end of the day, hunting waterfowl is about the people and places that make up the sport. Eastman’s Wingmen podcast host Todd Helms and Ramsey dive down into that rabbit hole, examining often overlooked truths about the shared passion of duck hunters.

Ramsey Russell

The Big Honker Podcast

Jeff and Andy are joined by die hard waterfowl hunter, Ramsey Russell from getducks.com. The guys look at Ramsey’s travels from the previous waterfowl season and discuss how Covid impacted his time on the road, what is leading to the changes in duck behavior, and where his all time favorite destination is to hunt ducks.

The Art of the Hunt with Ramsey Russell: The Art and Waterfowl Hunting, Hunting’s Relationship With Conservation, and Appreciating the Deeper Experience Hunting Has to Offer

Ramsey Russell podcast

In this episode of Art and Life With Taylor Gallegos, I interview Ramsey Russell.  Ramsey is a worldwide waterfowl hunter, with a background in forestry and wildlife management.  We talk about the art of waterfowl hunting, the closely linked relationship between hunting and conservation, the developed appreciation of the finer elements of the hunt, and more.


The Pied Piper of Duck Hunter‪s

Ramsey Russell on MEATEATER

Steven Rinella talks with Ramsey Russell, Hanzi Deschermeier, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: How Jani is so not a trapper that he reminds himself to check traps by writing “coon” on his hand; Frito pie with mountain lion; Corinne and strawberries; breaking down what it means to flesh something out; the A.S.S. movement, the tissue issue, and how surface shitters are like meth heads; ocellated turkey stories and how badly Steve wants to hunt one; Ramsey on a life of collecting experiences; GetDuck.com being a sweet URL; booking as a shoddy industry?; incredible duck hunting in Azerbaijan and how the area where Ramsey hunts reminds him of the Mississippi Delta; the clean game and quiet pride; which countries are doing a solid job at conservation of the species?; Ramsey’s favorite recipes for cooking duck; Steve’s out-of-control horseradish and how Jani’s garden got up and moved; Hanzi’s rule on what not to do when cooking diver ducks; mouth calling; and more

Ramsey Russell of Get Ducks

Ramsey Russell of Get Ducks

Ramsey Russell is the owner of Get Ducks, a company that specializes in facilitating duck hunting experiences all over the world. Listen in while Ramsey talks about how he got his start and why he loves being based in Mississippi.

Ramsey Russell GetDucks.com

Ramsey Russell GetDucks.com

Jeff and Andy are joined by waterfowl legend, Ramsey Russell. Ramsey has traveled the world chasing ducks and geese in every corner of the planet. The guys talk about some of Ramsey’s many travels, including a wild adventure with some gypsies in Romania. Ramsey has a new podcast “Duck Season Somewhere” that can be found on Apple Podcast or where ever you listen to your podcasts.

Hunters United – Ramsey Russell from GetDucks.com

Ramsey Russell GetDucks.com

Hunters United – Ramsey Russell from GetDucks.com joins a discussion on waterfowling around the world and the shared frustration of being stuck at home because of a global pandemic. Ever positive, Ramsey is looking forward to his next “duck day” and backing Field & Game Australia‘s push to unite hunting organisations. Ramsey has also recently launched his own podcast Duck Season Somewhere podcast. The latest fireside chat is with our own Glenn Falla about duck hunting in Australia.

Why Does March 1 Feel Like it was Twenty Years Ago?

Ramsey Russell GetDucks.com End Of The Line Podcast

I don’t think it could have been have been put any better from either Ira McCauley or Ramsey Russell in our preproduction meeting than March 1 seems like it was 20 years ago. It feels like we are living in the Kenny Rogers song “Twenty Years Ago”. I have to admit it has always been one of my favorites by the late legend. This historical and legendary event that is unfolding before our eyes is something one day we will be sitting in our rocking chair telling our grands or great grands about. There hasn’t been a podcast for a while and I understand the frustration, but with what is coming you will thank me. I go over what exactly you can expect in the future at the end of the podcast. But first, what does a world traveling waterfowl hunter do when he has been totally shut down? Hear how Ira barely escapes a Mexican vacation when the US shuts down international flights into the US while he is on vacation. Then, I ask questions and they give their thoughts on the current situation and what they expect from the future. Great returning episode!

Ramsey Russell – The Jim Shockey of Duck Hunting

Ramsey Russell GetDucks.com

Eli and Trey have on the worlds foremost duck hunter, Mr. Ramsey Russell founder of GetDucks.com. Ramsey hunts ducks on 6 continents and is known as the Jim Shockey of duck hunting world. Join the guys as they talk with Ramsey about all things duck hunting. Ramsey talk about how he got started and how COVID-19 will impact his business. Also he tells some great duck hunting stories from around the world. https://www.instagram.com/ramseyrussellgetducks/

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