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argentina duck hunt_0196.jpgArgentina duck hunting at Jacana Lodge is without peer and draws from hundreds of years combined experience in staffing and preparing first-class wing shooting.  No detail is spared. 

Argentina is regarded as the top waterfowl hunting destination world-wide for good reason: for the perfect combination of luxurious lodging, consistent hunting, and fast-paced shooting, Argentina is unrivaled.  Just ask any of our guests! Join us for the duck hunt of your lifetime at a venue that harkens the golden age of American waterfowling. 

Conducted from luxurious hunting lodging in Argentina, this package features comfortable, well camouflaged dry and semi-dry blinds, quality specie-specific decoys and the equipment necessary to get ducks.  Every time. The travel itinerary can be custom-tailored to suit your hunting preferences or schedule.  

After arriving to Buenos Aires on a morning flight from the United States and hunt ducks in Argentina following lunch.  Shoot ducks twice daily, morning and evening, with plenty of relaxation and a mid-day siesta. The roads are good, the drives are short. After a final memorable morning hunt on your last day, it's back to the U.S. that evening or on to another Argentinean destination. To make sure every experience is a good one, 150 wetland areas are maintained. We shoot only fixed days with plenty of time for the birds to rest. 

Gear and clothing is not a complicated matter for Argentina.  Rubber boots or light waders and field clothing appropriate for temperatures 30 to 60 degrees are all that's required.  Bring your favorite shotgun for about $100 customs fee or travel worry free and use one of ours.  A well-stocked cabinet with clean, reliable Berretta or Benelli 12 gauges, semi-autos and over-unders is available, with 10 new Berettas being added for 2012.  We'll handle the worrisome travel details; your biggest worry need be only what to shoot next while duck hunting in Argentina.


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Please contact us toll free 1-866-438-3897 for's exclusive rates - we offer the very best rates for this premium Argentina duck hunting program.

From $1,250 per day Argentina duck hunting at Jacana Lodge

From $5,000 standard 4-day Argentina duck hunting package at Jacana (4 morning duck hunts, 4 afternoon duck hunts), but duration may customized as hunters decide. exclusive Combine this duck hunting package with Cordoba Argentina Dove Hunting package for incredible once-in-a-lifetime savings.



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Argentina Duck Hunting Speckled Teal 89481Jacana is the total-package Argentina hunting experience by which all others are measured.  Ducks-only, every day, with absolutely no details spared.

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Jeff Anastasio"Having considered Argentina duck hunting my dream trip of a lifetime, I spent considerable time looking at travel options and destinations.  Through research and personal testimony I had very high expectations. blew my expectations completely out of the water.  From start to finish, no detail was spared.  The duck hunting was phenomenal.  The accommodations were as nice as I've ever experienced; the chefs, the lodge and field staffs were world-class.

Thanks Ramsey for making my Argentina duck hunt the trip of my lifetime.  It was so good I will soon be making another."

 Jeff Anastasio


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Kenton Moore"Hot damned I'm glad I did this Argentina duck hunt!  Thanks Ramsey!"

- Kenton Moore

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derek pucket.jpg"I just received my complimentary gift book from our Argentina dove hunting trip. Perfect way to cap off another phenomenal Argentina dove hunt! Now that we have hunted from Canada to Argentina and all over the United States, I must say, each trip out does the last. Each time I go on a waterfowl hunt, I notice a common theme with the other hunting parties we bump into in the airports and back home - it seems we always end up paying less and killing more than the other guys. I also believe that we have a better time in general.

I sincerely appreciate that I never have to worry with the details on my hunts either. Taking care of the details is an attribute that I know all of your busy clients appreciate also. After all, I feel the trip's success is always in the details. I like the idea of just sending you my check and hanging on for the ride. I can't wait to again hunt Alberta geese and ducks this October, but it will be hard to beat my 1000 dove morning in Argentina! Thanks again for the awesome trips."

- Derek Puckett

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bill beck.jpg"Our recent Argentina duck hunting trip was a five-star trip. The duck hunting was excellent. The food was outstanding.

I have never stayed at a lodge that has a top of the line chef and a pastry chef. Please reserve me a spot for next year.

Hiring a tour guide to show us Buenos Aires was a excellent idea. "

- Bill Beck

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Christopher Campbell"My Argentina duck hunt exceeded my expectations! I never imagined that I would see or shoot as many ducks as we did.

The service was unparalleled, the food was decadent, and the memories will be treasured for a lifetime. Many thanks to"

- Christopher M. Campbell

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Robert Story"Thanks for putting together another great Argentina duck hunt.  The last morning, in particular, will always be one of my fondest wingshooting memories! 

I'd have had a great time even if the ducks had not flown, but we sure put a hurt on them."

- Robert Story

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810 img_2550.jpg"Hunting is an all year passion fueled by the enjoyment of preparing fields, actually hunting, socializing with friends and reliving the experiences over a scrumptious meals and fine liquors. For forty plus years, I have relished that privilege here in the great State of Mississippi.  During the past ten years, I reached a chronologic age and station in life that afforded the opportunity to chase some of those childhood hunting dreams.  After multiple waterfowl hunts in Canada and a recent African safari, I was keenly interested in high volume dove and duck shooting in Argentina. 

I received a multitude of suggestions on Argentina outfitters and lodges.  In my opinion, Ramsey Russell is first class, a pleasure to hunt with and be around. I choose because I know Ramsey will move mountains to make an Argentina hunting vacation the trip of a lifetime.  Boy, did he deliver this time!

He is well organized, efficient, and thorough. His wife, Anita, coordinates flights, paperwork, and logistics.  Complete turn key services and they are always available to answer any questions or solve travel problems if they arise.  A month before we left, we met Ramsey at Tico's Steak House.  He provided last minute tips and insights about what to expect. Talk about a prelude of things to come!

Words can't adequately describe hunting in Argentina.  We first enjoyed 4 days of superb Argentina duck hunting under very comfortable conditions, with phenomenal numbers and many different species.  Stellar accommodations, parakeet shooting during the midday lull, libations as requested, a multi-course dinner with edible art for dessert made me think I was at the Ritz Carlton instead of a duck hunting lodge.

Ramsey coordinated a personal guide for our overnight in Buenos Aires.  I strongly recommend taking advantage this service.  The guide arranged an excellent dining experience and made sure we caught our flight to Cordoba the next morning and resolved a problem at the airport.

Cordoba dove hunting is indescribable.  Personal guides, more birds than one can imagine, and the opportunity to shoot until literally one doesn't want to shoot any more.  A delightful lunch prepared over an open fire and served with excellent red wine, followed by a short siesta broke the day into two halves, each rivaling the other as to which was more fulfilling.  As one arrives at the estancia, there stands Diego with one's drink of choice.  A stint in the hot tub rehashing great shots and comparing ridiculous numbers of doves taken, followed by a one hour relaxing massage made the meal almost seem anticlimactic or one would think.  The diversity of entre choices prodded me to hit the shower and quickly regroup so as not to miss an opportunity to add a pound.

I had the privilege of enjoying this trip with one of my best friends and his son, and another friend and his stepson.  We enjoyed exclusive use of La Dormida, and Ramsey paired us with some excellent new friends at Jacana.  The intimacy of small groups was perfect.  We're always made to feel like friends, not customers.  I strongly recommend Ramsey Russell as hunting travel agent and's Argentina wingshooting programs.  I eagerly await the opportunity to return, and yearn for the time when my son will be old enough to share this special experience."

-Shelby Brantley

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"Ramsey Russell's bent over backwards for me from the time my flight got detoured to Chili due to volcanic disruption of flights into Buenos Aires, and I want you to know how much my wife and I appreciate your hard work and genuine concern.  A real positive that came out of this is working with you.  I have been burned in the past by outfitters, but now know I can trust you folks at to the fullest!! At anytime you need a reference for a client, I am available for you. The duck hunting was excellent. Everyone COULD NOT have been more organized, accommodating or more willing to please than this group!!  Food was incredible. All people involved were great. Had some great hunts. Had two pretty slow hunts, but I think the staff took more offense too it than I did.  I averaged more than 80 ducks per day. Everyone at gets gold star ratings. Anita was up to every detail and was there to help at a moment's notice. Without doubt I would rate this as a truly rewarding experience. I would highly recommend as very reliable people to do business with."

Doug Anderson

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Note: Mr. Anderson, like many visitors to Argentina during 2011, experienced flight disruption due to volcanic ash in the atmosphere that originated more than 2,000 miles away, in Chile.  Anytime the wind blew cloud-looking ash toward Buenos Aires, air space was closed and flights were either delayed or rerouted.  We successfully worked not only with Travel Insurance but directly with lodge operators to ensure that not a single client forfeited a single day's hunt.



The attention to detail was impeccable from greeting to departure. The lodge staff made sure that our stay and our experience were as enjoyable as possible.  No request was too small or too large. And of course, the hunting experience itself was second to none. Anita made everything as seamless as possible with every aspect of our complex trip. All arrangements were well coordinated and taken care of.  All details small or large were well executed. We appreciated's attention to detail and their knowledge of hunting ducks in any region or location in the world.

Gabriel Martinez

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Argentina Duck Hunting Gabriel Martinez

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