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kris s mazatlan.jpgDuck hunting in Mazatlan Mexico is the South-of-the-border duck hunting experience which surpasses all others.  With over 30 years of hunting in the southern half of Sinaloa Mexico's west coast, our staff is professional, knowledgeable and endeavors to provide you the best duck hunting vacation imaginable, in an area that also provides perfect winter beach vacation for the entire family.   The Pacific and Central flyways converge here to provide a tremendous variety of waterfowl.   Over 15 different North American duck species are harvested by hunters and avid bird collectors.  Getting bird specimens taxidermy is easily accomplished.

The Mexican government is very generous with duck limits. Duck hunting limits are 20 ducks per day for which the operator allows 100 cartridges.  For those that would rather dove hunt in the afternoons, than to lounge around the pool or stroll along the white sand beaches, dove hunting is available and limits are  40-50 doves per day (changing yearly) including a mixed bag of white wing and morning doves.  The duck hunting season runs 120 days, from the first week of November through the first week of March (with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year's Day) - perfect for timing a winter duck hunting vacation following your state's season closure.

mazatlan duck img_0038.jpgOur Mexico duck hunts take place in private fresh water ponds, and the beautifully scenic estuaries along Mexico's west coast, which are plentiful within a short drive. Hunt from natural and man-made dry blinds with no more than 2 hunters per blind.

From the vehicles to the airboats, the top-of-the-line equipment ensures your comfort and hunting enjoyment.  Our shotguns include a dozen new Benelli Super Black-Eagles.  There's no hassle traveling through customs with firearms - gun use is included in package FREE, no additional cost.

All duck hunters are guaranteed an ocean front room, double occupancy, in the extremely nice Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort when purchasing a hunting package. The Holiday Inn is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the "golden zone" of Mazatlan, convenient to shopping, excellent restaurants and night clubs. This Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt has become a popular couples retreat among our clients, and hunters bringing non-hunting companions receive the special rate: non-hunting spouses are FREE, no additional charge.   

Mexicoduck5In addition to excellent Mexico duck hunting, several other activities may be arranged to make this Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt a true repreive from winter back home. Parasailing, saltwater or largemouth bass fishing, tennis, golf, swimming, spa treatments, sight-seeing and shopping are among the many enjoyable activities nearby.

Note - through, the Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting package is fully-customizable.  In addition to world-class duck hunting and the best pre-trip services in the industry, additional days to enjoy Mazatlan Mexico may be arranged at hotel-rates only for you to sight-see, fish, or relax.






The Mexico Duck Hunting Season lasts 120 days, from the first week of November through the first week of March.  Prime dates for bagging waterfowl trophies with excellent plumage are from late-January through the season end.

This particular Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting package is an excellent couples retreat.  What better way to spend a weekend in February than experiencing Mexico's abundant sunshine with friends? There are plenty of activities for hunters and non-hunters alike, the temperatures in February are in the mid-80s, and the sounds of five-foot waves pounding sand sets a relaxing tone.



Rates for Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunts: exclusive: non-hunting spouses come at no additional cost!

3 Day / 4 Night, Mazatlan Mexico Duck hunt: $2,045

4 Day / 5 Night, Mazatlan Mexico Duck hunt: $2,495

Add a 5th day (6th night) to your Mazatlan Mexico hunt for $625

*To ensure the utmost quality, minimum 3-day packages only.  There are no 1-day or 2-day Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting packages available. 


Deposits: A 50% deposit of hunt price is required to reserve hunt dates. Hunt balances are due 60 days prior to the hunt.


Field Report

Great shooting is expected, but the kinds of feedback below best demonstrate this Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting package's annual popularity:

Bringing me along on your Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting trip could backfire - I might not let you go hunting there without me again!  I can still hear the waves pounding the beach just outside our patio door, I'm craving Tamazula Shrimp from Los Arcos and that 80-degree weather was much better than the snow back home!  You shot ducks and I enjoyed a great beach vacation. How about some more couples packages from in the near future!  ~ Anita Russell, Travel & Administration

"Just a note to say thank you for the great trip to Mexico (Mazatlan Duck Hunt). The accomodations were great and the view from our balcony was priceless.  It was so nice to meet you and Anita." ~ Jackie Beck, Non-hunting Spouse


More Info:

Getting There - Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Direct flights daily directly into Mazatlan, Mexico (MZT).  Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Mexicana, Northwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, US Airways and WestJet handle international traffic to and from Mazatlan, Mexico, with flights from the US cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis.  We will personally arrange round-trip hotel transfers via a tour operator and air-conditioned vans, or you may opt to take a taxi.


Itinerary - Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Following your last hunting day, enjoy a final night in Mazatlan.  Airport transfers are usually mid-late morning (about 3 hours preceding you scheduled flight time), and international departure time are early- to mid-afternoon.


Trophy Duck Species - Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

mazatlan duck hunt species.jpgJanuary through March, many North American duck species that are desirable to sportsmen and collectors alike are in prime breeding plumage.  The following duck species are common to Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting:  Northern Pintail (Anas acuta), American Wigeon (Anas americana), Black Belly Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis), Fulvous Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna bicolor), Canvasback (Aythya valisineria), Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata), Cinnamon Teal (Anas cyanoptera), Green-Winged Teal (Anas crecca), and Blue-Winged Teal (Anas discors), Redhead (Aythya americana), Greater Scaup (Aythya marila), Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis), Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis), Gadwall (Anas strepera).  While the teal trio comprises the majority of birds bagged, an uncommon and highly-prized trophy is the Mexican Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos diazi).  Getting your trophy ducks back home is easily accomplished through's on-staff, USDA-certified taxidermist.  Forms and instructions provided.


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Certification of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad (Form 4457)

Importation of Fish and Wildlife Form 3-177


What to Bring (Packing List) - Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunts

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About the Area - Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunts

Mazatlán is a Nahuatl word meaning "place of the deer." The city was founded in 1531. By the mid-1800s a large group of immigrants had arrived from Germany and developed Mazatlán into a thriving commercial seaport, importing equipment for the nearby gold and silver mines.  They also founded the Pacifico Brewery in 1900.

mazatlan aerial.jpgThe nickname which has been given to the modern Mazatlan, "Pearl of the Pacific", has nothing to do with pearls, it is a gracious compliment to this very friendly Pacific resort city.  Mazatlan is a very interesting city and embraces tourism with a zest, but Mazatlan is more than just a resort.  When you visit Mazatlan, you should prepare yourself for an active vacation.  Mazatlan has great beaches, many attractions, a variety of interesting historical sites and many interesting monuments spread out all over the city.  Just visiting the monuments and statues could take up an entire day.  Of course, if all you want to do is enjoy the surf and sun, this is OK too.  The beach and the water activities associated with resort vacations is what vacations are all about for many travelers.  Mazatlan offers you many different choices for your vacation, kicked back  - full relaxation, active - adventurous, ecological - exploratory. 

Mazatlan has been known for years, dating to film stars such as John Wayne, Gary Cooper, John Huston, and others of their generation, for the excellent sport fishing, and a number of sport fishing fleets exist (light-tackle saltwater fishing for red snapper, for example, is usually prime during the duck hunting months).  Mazatlan is also a base for nearby trophy largemouth bass fishing.  Excellent dove and duck hunting is readily available in the outlying areas. Mazatlan is home to one of the worlds greatest parties, Carnival.  Carnival, usually the last week in February or the first part of March,  is a century-old Mazatlan tradition.

So in addition to excellent Mexico duck hunting for a variety of coveted species, activities that range from fishing, sailing, surfing, parasailing and kayaking to shopping, fine dining and dancing. Mazatlán duck hunting packages provide something for everyone to enjoy.  The local shrimp fleet is the largest in Mexico; fresh seafood is abundant.'s Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt Pre-trip includes among other details restaurant names and menu items approved by guests for nearly a decade.


Mean Temperature Range (Rainfall) - Duck Hunting in Mazatlan 

Nov 82° - 63° F / 28° - 17° C (0.79 inches)

Dec 81° - 55° F / 27° - 13° C (0.67 inches)

Jan 79° - 50° F / 26° - 10° C (0.43 inches)

Feb 77° - 52° F / 25° - 11° C (0.55 inches)

Mar 86° - 63° F / 26° - 11° C (0.24 inches)


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Hunters that try to import ammunition without the proper permits discover the ugly consequences.  This is a serious criminal offense in Mexico, so don't dream of trying it.  Ammunition will available there.


Contact us about your Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt today.




 Included in Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting packages:

  • Accommodations (ocean-front room, double occupancy)
  • Breakfast (not lunch or dinner; excellent restaurants available)
  • All duck hunting services
  • Transportation to hunting areas
  • Beverages while in the field
  • FREE Use of our Benelli Super Sport shotguns
  • Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting license

Not Included

Not included in Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting packages: 


Photo Gallery - Mexico Duck Hunt in Mazatlan

Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting 0866This is the South-of-the-border duck hunting experience that surpasses all others. With over 30 years of duck hunting experience in the southern half of Sinaloa Mexico's west coast, this staff is professional, knowledgeable and endeavors to provide you the best duck hunting vacation imaginable.  Exclusive rate: non-hunting spouses accompany FREE of charge.

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brooks w mazatlan.jpg"If the winter blues or the recent sub-par duck season has you down, I advise calling Ramsey Russell.'s Maztalan duck hunting is the perfect cure! You can end both seasons with a bang! And it gets better. You can add a little vacation and romance to the trip if the spouse or girlfriend wants to head south as well! We took turns shooting drakes-only on several occaisons, and a favorite hunt took place near a coconut plantation with mountains in the background. Thanks Ramsey and Anita for a great Mexico duck hunt!" - Brooks Wilson, Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Duck Hunt in Mexico


"Ramsey and Anita were very informative and helpful throughout all stages of the trip. It seemed more of a working friendship, great help with everything including getting the birds back to the U.S., and a reservation mishap was easily resolved within 5 minutes thanks to their being on-call. Good food, great new friends, and lots of ducks (20-duck limits daily), recommend this Mazatlan duck hunting to others."

- Dave Myszka

Referenced Hunt: Mexico Duck Hunting in Mazatlan


kris s mazatlan.jpg"Shooting was wonderful, amount of birds was fabulous.  We really enjoyed the city of Mazatlan, its people and food.  Awesome trip to a Mexican beach resort for the spouse and I, with great morning duck hunting as a bonus."

- Kris Schaumburg

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt


elipp mazatlan.jpg"Our honeymoon in Mazatlan was a heck of a trip!  Thank you! Nine days of great Mexico weather, a whole lot of great seafood and beer, plus 3 mornings of fantastic Mazatlan duck hunting. On a couple mornings, my new bride went along as photographer, what more could a man ask? There were 6 days and 3 afternoons for other fun activities, and we had a great time fishing one day."

Eric Lipp

Referenced Hunt: Mexico Duck Hunts in Mazatlan



"Mazatlan was the best duck hunt ever! Great staff, great accommodations, great duck hunting, excellent hotel and local restaurants recommendations! Next time I will bring my wife. Hunts are over early so can spend better part of day relaxing with spouse. Best time spent with my son on any hunt ever. Ducks were plentiful and varied species. Shooting action was fast and close. We were able to observe many species of shorebirds, seabirds, songbirds and raptors as well. I could not ask for a better overall duck hunting package!"

Dennis Markway

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Duck Hunting Trip


xnandm img_0216.jpg"Our duck hunt in Mazatlan Mexico was the complete vacation package.  The idea of staying in an oceanfront resort while duck hunting is absolutely genius!  While I was out hunting, my wife enjoyed superb resort amenities.  The hotel is super clean, has great beachside rooms, a beautiful infinity pool, stunning views, a great bar with live music and excellent margaritas.  The guide staff is top-notch, organized, knowledgable and put us on lots of birds.  The Mazatlan duck hunt is like taking 2 vacations at once.  Thanks Ramsey and Anita for putting us on to a great trip and hunting experience.  My wife has newfound appreciation for waterfowl hunting vacations!"

~ Nick & Melissa Dabrowski

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt


chad h mazatlan.jpg"Our Mazatlan duck hunting trip to Mexico was a wonderful, but much needed vacation for my wife and I. The scenery, food, hospitality, and sunshine was perfect. The duck hunting exceeded our expectations. When you take turns shooting drakes only, you know it's as good as it gets. Introducing the other couples via email before the trip was the perfect touch. Ramsey and Anita were always available prior, during, and after the trip to answer any questions. Everything fell into place exactly like it was supposed to. We had a great time socializing, shooting ducks, sharing great memories, and making new friends. We appreciate ya'll making it happen and definitely look forward to our next hunt."

Chad Hebert

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt





Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting 2130020"All the birds were killed with 2 3/4" shells. Had we not thrown restraint to the wind, we quite possibly could have limited out with 20 birds per person in 20 minutes. When is the last time you let a drake go by in Ohio because you didn't think it was feathered very well? I never dreamed I could restrain myself,  though I did shoot some stupid birds just to take them out of the gene pool. Just doing my part for the betterment of the sport!

My wife, Diane, explained to me the we need to start saving for the next Mazatlan duck hunting trip while she took one last look around the resort. She claims that I can keep hunting ducks if I include her in trips like this.  Well, we should all have trips go this smooth and be able to get along as well as we all did. All the wives want to go back. I know for a fact that if anyone would suggest a trip back there again, the girls would probably start packing before the sentence was completed.
GetDucks provided a supremely accurate description of the package. Though we were cautious due to prior experiences with other organizers, this trip was a huge success and a good a trip as I have ever been on.  But there is one complaint - you should have convinced us to stay a day or 2 longer!  No one in the group felt like heading home. We will all be rested up to go back to work on Monday, but our thoughts will be back in Mexico.  This was a relaxing experience, with moments of intense shooting. Don't get better than that.  Many thanks Ramsey & Anita Russell. You both did damned good."

Warren Ackerman

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting


Everything on the Mazatlan duck hunt was done well, eveything was there as promised. Great hotel and duck hunting. When we asked to hunt certain duck species, they made it happen. made setting everything up easy. Everything I asked was answered. The web page info was very helpful. They took care of everything.

Joe Gelhaye

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting


Very organized on gun permits, travel suggestions, and no hidden fees. No stress travel. Pick up service was prompt. Crossing the border both ways went smooth. The food was incredible with the chance to try many new dishes. Accommodations were very nice and the brant hunting was great. We enjoyed the Pacific Black Brant hunting most! It was so much fun being able to shoot lead again, and enjoyed just being able to travel and shoot with my good friend.

Don Enochs

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt



Mazatlan Duck Hunting Mexico 97050Big thanks to, as well as our significant others, for a terrific Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting trip!  Mazatlan is not just about the ducks - we spent the afternoons with our wonderful wives and had a blast! 

The food is excellent and very inexpensive! Shrimp and spiny lobster are in big supply and available at every restaurant. The view isn't too shabby either!

There is so much to do there sight seeing, shopping & other silly stuff that girls wanted to do.  We didn't even touch the amazing fishery available!

Darren Brooks,

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting



Thanks to client, Darren Brooks, for sharing photos and video from his Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting trip!



Mazatlan Duck Hunting 785689

Contact Ramsey Russell at 1-866-438-3897 to discuss Mexico duck hunting in Mazatlan


Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt 39568Anita went above and beyond to make sure that we were totally satisfied, and always replied back to our questions immediately. The ocean view from our room was super.  

Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting was excellent.  The staff was very accommodating with what we wanted to hunt.

Thomas Kubicz

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Mazatlan Duck Hunting PHO




The duck hunting trip to Mazatlan went great.  Plenty of birds and good accommodations.

Greg Schriner

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan Duck Hunting Mexico

Mazatlan Duck Hunting Mexico 1000493


Another great hunt with!  Limited out daily. Cinnamon Teal!!!!!!!!!!!  The Mazatlan duck hunting guides were excellent.  I am very pleased with Pat and Anita making last minute changes due to flight disruptions on the way down.  After a miserable plane delay and delayed baggage, Anita was able to arrange an extension and even had camo waiting for me at the desk.   I am ready for the Obregon duck and brant hunt next year!!

Jason Helton

Referenced Hunt:  Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt


Mexico duck hunting in Mazatlan was fantastic; tons of birds. Lodging was top notch, guides were friendly, professional, and knew where to find desired birds. Equipment was as good as anyone could hope for. Weather was exceptional for this Alaska boy. Guides were outstanding, worked very hard to put me on desired birds. Came away with four outstanding birds to take home, including a cinnamon teal which was highly desired. No fulvous, which I knew was a long shot anyway, but all the hunters that wanted specific birds had opportunities on them. Hats off to Ramsey and Anita for ensuring a hassle free experience all the way around; from lodging to bird import. The entire experience was seamless and painless. Every detail of the trip was taken care of and ready and waiting. As an additional note, the staff in Mexico was fantastic.  Well done, thank you.

Tyler Welker

Referenced Hunt: Mazatlan duck hunt in Mexico

Mazatlanmexicoduckhuntw _welker


Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt was great. Plenty of ducks and daily limits once again! The guides are excellent and worked very hard to ensure that clients needs were met.  Ramsey was upfront about the hunting in Mexico being slower than normal due to an off migration this year and advised me to wait. I was very pleasantly suprised to find the birds were there in abundance. is very fast, friendly and honest!

Jason Helton

Referenced hunt: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt


I think it would be hard to improve upon the way this Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt is conducted. The guides were very punctual  and courteous, did their job well and tried to make the hunt as enjoyable as possible. The office staff was well versed with filling out the paper work to bring the birds back as well as explaining how the hunt was conducted. The Mazatlan weather couldn't have been better and blinds were easily accessible. The food at all restaurants suggested in the pre-trip was fantastic. The hotel staff was excellent. Spending quality time after the morning hunt with our spouses was an added bonus. This was a perfect trip to bring your spouse along, she was blown away, and said we should do this again.

I thought everything from the initial contact to the completion of the hunt was first rate - there wasn't anything I did not like working with  Any questions we had were answered promptly no matter how trivial. The information on the web site is most informative and helpful. I feel have put a lot of thought and "home work" into developing the perfect Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt package. 

Gary Wolf

Referenced hunt: Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting trip


Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting was excellent. The sheer volume of birds was unexpected. The accommodations were terrific and it was fun for both hunters and spouses. Other than shooting birds, we greatly enjoyed hunts in a picturesque landscape and then getting to come back and enjoy the pool and beach with spouses/girlfriends.  I knew in working with that I was working with an experienced service. Feedback was quick and thorough. Questions were answered quickly and all information was easily obtained.  

Josh Kelly

Referenced hunt: Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting


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