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ramsey russell's getducks.comOne of the outfitters who will again be exhibiting at the 2018 SCI Hunters’ Convention is Ramsey Russell with GetDucks.com. When you talk with Ramsey you can’t help but get excited about booking one of his dozens of game bird and waterfowl hunts available all over the world.

“The response to our hunts at our first SCI Convention was a total surprise,” says Russell “Because we offer such a variety of hunts for virtually every game bird, duck and goose in the world, our booth was swamped.”

Many avid bird hunters are looking for the next place to hunt for a bird they have never taken. Much like big game hunters who add to their list of game taken, bird hunters are looking for exotic hunts in places where they can take birds they may never have even seen before.

“We specialize in hunts not only for birds, but for the accommodations and amenities that make for an enjoyable and lasting experience.” says Ramsey. “One of my biggest joys in this business is seeing client/friends at the SCI Convention and hearing about how much they enjoyed a hunt they booked with us. Many come back to look for their next adventure.”



The next morning found us motoring across the slick, blood-red surface of a weed-lined river, roiling the water into splintered shards of stained glass. Mobs of Pacific black ducks and grey teal sprang into the air as we rounded each bend. Anticipation for what the morning would bring was as palpable as the black lab’s tail beating the boat side. “I want you to experience everything Australia duck hunting has to offer, mate,” yelled Glenn over the bellowing mud motor. Read full story: Ducks Down Under: Australia Duck Hunting

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Outdoor Writers and Other Liars

new zealand duck hunting

Ramsey Russell’s terrific southern teal safari feature was one that I just loved recently (Sept. WF). He is an intuitive storyteller. I was supposed to make that trip with him but couldn’t, yet you were right there with him when you read it. Mouth-watering descriptions of food and peculiarities of southern life and teal obsession, all focused on everything but himself. Ramsey has not been a writer much until now, and is a real natural, yet he is also not a fan of a lot of outdoor writing, “because too much comes across like a bunch of neophytes masturbating their egos. The whole great thing about reading as a kid was falling off into a world unlike the one I was sitting in every day. That’s what it should always be. No one is buying autobiographies when they buy WILDFOWL, they’re buying themselves a vicarious visit into a duck blind they’ve never hunted.”

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bluewinged teal hunting guidesGulf Coast blue-winged teal hunting is rivaled only by the fantastic personalities and food you’ll enjoy along the way. A two-week long teal hunting safari through southern hospitality on the heels of migrating blue-wings.Most barrel through the Central and Mississippi flyways, where hunters from Canada to south Texas simultaneously report decent numbers of blue-wings. Humidity looms heavy as hoop cheese, snakes sometimes as big as your arm, mosquitos like hair on a dog’s back, and only 16 days to chase them – I freaking love September blue-wings!

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It’s Duck Season Somewhere – Australia Duck Hunting

australia duck huntingRamsey Russell discusses topics related to international and Australia duck hunting with Field & Game Australia.

Described as Christopher Columbus of waterfowl but Ramsey Russell’s most recent escapade was more Captain Cook as he set out to discover and experience some of the best Australia duck hunting in the world.

‘I’m just a simple duck hunter from Mississippi” is the line Ramsey Russell uses to deflect the attention and at times adoration he receives from around the world having built an international business connecting duck hunters with quality outfitters on six continents…”


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Ramsey Russell meets with Mississippi Congressional delegates to promote waterfowl conservation efforts in the Lower Mississippi Delta

Ramsey Russell GetDuckscomRamsey Russell, GetDucks.com, attended a fly-in sponsored by Vanishing Paradise in March 2017.  Biologists, outdoors-related businessmen and other stakeholders from throughout the entire Mississippi River watershed convened in Washington D.C. to advocate restoration of the Lower Mississippi River Delta.

For North America’s ducks and geese, the wetlands of the Gulf Coast, and in particular the Mississippi River Delta, are vital. Every winter, the delta and Chenier Plain of Louisiana-Texas hosts around seventy percent of the waterfowl that use the Central and Mississippi flyways—as many as 10 million waterfowl in a given year.

“Spending time duck hunting in Louisiana’s fabled coastal marshes makes it way too easy to forget that this region is truly a vanishing paradise; one of the most important habitats for over-wintering waterfowl in the central United States, yet also the most imperiled,” says Ramsey.

The 2015-2016 duck season underscores the importance of this resource to our continental population of waterfowl.  The Ark-La-Miss region was gripped with a 100-year drought. Everyone that could pumped water, but it wasn’t near enough to (more…)

Ramsey Russell Speaks at Field and Game Australia

RAMSEY RUSSELL GETDUCKS.COMIn May 2017, Ramsey Russell was honored to meet with members of Field & Game Australia. During a week-long visit to Victoria Province preparing for the new GetDucks.com Australia duck hunting program, Ramsey provided the audience his perspectives on worldwide duck hunting, waterfowl habitat conservation, and hunting advocacy.

“I was surprised to learn that duck hunting in Australia is as similar to duck hunting in the United States as anywhere I’ve ever visited – camaraderie among hunters, great food, decoying black ducks that work to mojos and mallard calls in flooded green-timber stands of river red gums –  but at the same time worlds different – kangaroos bounding across fields, pink-eared ducks, and rude, unscrupulous anti hunters,” says Ramsey. “Half-way across the world or not, an anti-hunting problem in Australia is an anti-hunting problem worldwide, we’re all in the same boat,” he adds.

He was very pleased to learn that despite news reports to the contrary, Australia’s anti-hunters are nothing more than a very vocal minority.  “After harassing hunters and grabbing news headlines at public boat ramps during the opening days of Australia’s duck season, they pretty much return home to rail against everything else that doesn’t conform to their narrow-minded views,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey Russell GetDucks.comWaterfowl management practices in Australia favor hunting opportunities and challenge many of the tenets under which waterfowl are managed in North America. Consider: there are many public hunting areas and they remain open for all legal hunting hours during an entire season to ensure maximum hunting opportunities. There are no possession limits. Likewise, hunters may clean birds and transport cleaned birds untagged without fear of legal reprisal, real wise-use conservation.

There’s a generous 10-duck per day bag limit, and in 2017 the season length in Victoria was 90 days. Because key species such as pacific black ducks and grey teal look similar, there’s no selective harvest of male “green heads”, and yet their populations thrive, especially in wet years. And on the driest continent on earth the key to increased waterfowl production is best revealed – wet years. Add water and ducks populations boom.

Ramsey reports that Australia’s robust hunting community is extremely fortunate to have an active organization such as Field & Game Australia. “They’re hands-one, pro-active, energetic and engaging on many critical fronts to include waterfowl habitat conservation, public education and lobbying for hunter rights,” said Ramsey.

The special dinner event took place in downtown Melbourne. An elegant 9-course gourmet dinner was accompanied by exquisitely paired wines. Menu items included regional delicacies such as quail, duck and kangaroo.

“An incredible meal among passionate waterfowlers and the opportunity to talk about duck hunting? I was in hog heaven,” admits Ramsey.


South of the border near Mazatlan, Mexico, the Pacific and Central flyways converge providing a tremendous variety of waterfowl and an irresistible bucket list addition for keen hunters.  I decided to go with Ramsey Russell’s GetDucks.com, as his operation on paper looked immensely professional and, in reality, it delivered so much more. Read full story: The Marvel of Mexico Duck Hunting 

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mexico duck hunt


In this episode of the On The X podcast, J Paul Jackson, Rocky Leflore, Josh Webb, and Huston Kennedy are joined by the infamous Ramsey Russell. Ramsey is the owner of GetDucks.com and a waterfowl expert. Ramsey discusses his upcoming plans to follow the bluewing teal migration as they make their way to Mexico. This podcast is a “INFORMATION OVERLOAD” in dealing with bluewing teal. We all learned things we never knew about the little F-16’s.

The guys also all talk about where they were and what they were doing on 9-11-01. J Paul also talks about gun shy dogs in his dog training tip of the week. You don’t want to miss this podcast.

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The next morning, we were off early for black brant hunting in Mexico, this time with Ramsey Russell himself. Ramsey is an exceptional hunter and a particularly interesting person, with a most wicked sense of humor; time with him is informative, but also definitely entertaining.  As an innovative call maker, my hunting partner Brad Jones (Willow Creek Custom Calls) had developed a new brant call, and we were anxious to see how effective it was.  Between Ramsey’s understanding of brant habits and Brad’s calling ability, our confidence level was high…The first flock of brant appeared suddenly. Skimming close to the water, the first dark V appeared at almost the instant the tide began to retreat. Instinctively, we began to calling unison…the birds began moving towards the decoys…

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mexico brant hunting

As strong advocates of conservation, GetDucks.com supports the following organizations:

Ducks Unlimited Dallas Safari Club National Rifle Association Delta Waterfowl SCI